Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)
Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing an Aircon Ledge


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When it comes to installing outdoor air conditioners, people normally prefer placing them somewhere safe and accessible outside the house. But for residential spaces like condominiums and HDB units, the AC machines have to be specifically installed using an aircon ledge.

Unless your entire aircon unit is built into a custom shelter, the outdoor unit of a residential or office aircon is placed on a ledge caged by metal bars. HDB aircon ledge installation is mandated by the Singapore government, and ensures the protection of the most important parts of your air conditioner.

In this article, we’ll show you the 5 common mistakes to avoid when installing an aircon ledge.

1. Choosing the wrong material for your aircon ledge

There are many options in the Singapore market for aircon accessories, including the aircon ledge. A standard ledge is made from various materials, with some being less desirable than others. That’s why it’s very important to only go for high-quality ledges to avoid compromising your unit’s safety and performance.

When choosing a ledge, make sure to get one made out of a strong, durable, and rust-resistant material. Choosing your ledges with this in mind will ensure that it will be able to support the air conditioner, regardless of its size and weight, while rust-resistance is important for extending the longevity of the shelter itself.

2. Not properly measuring the size of the aircon

Another common mistake that most people make is not measuring the size of the air conditioner before even purchasing the aircon ledge. The aircon ledge must always be the same size as the air conditioner unit, as if it’s too large, it will look awkward on the wall, while if it’s too small, it won’t properly support the unit.

Always make the right measurements prior to purchasing and installing the ledge. Do this beforehand to save yourself the time, effort and money.

3. Improper installation

With every aircon ledge installation, everything must be placed and fitted perfectly in order for it to actually work. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case all the time.

Common mistakes made during this process usually involve too high or too low placements and in some cases, an entirely misaligned ledge.

Fitting the air conditioner unit into the aircon ledge is a very delicate process, and requires a professional to not only ensure the safety of your unit, but the safety of pedestrians near your home.

Suppose your home is on the 2nd or 3rd floor of a building, and your aircon ledge is installed loosely. Due to improper installation, your aircon ledge has a bigger chance of falling off in the future, fatally wounding or injuring whoever the air conditioner lands on.

For installations, always ask a professional aircon servicing company or a licensed AC installer to do it or you.

4. Using the wrong installation equipment

Like most electrical appliance accessories, the aircon ledge needs the right equipment to install it, otherwise it won’t be stable enough to support your air conditioner. That’s why the aircon company you’re getting should be a reputable one that uses the right equipment. (Don’t install an aircon ledge on your own!)

The proper tools, such as a level ruler, will help you and your AC technician confirm if the ledge is placed on the right angle. Haphazard installation without the right tools could prove to be detrimental for your air conditioner in the long run.

5. Not seeking professional services

One of the biggest — and most dangerous — mistakes AC unit owners make is assuming they can install the ledge properly themselves. While it may not look like it, aircon ledge installation is a complex process, and it’s highly recommended you contact a service professional to do the job of installing it for you. Here at Luce Aircon, we have aircon technicians who will do the job for you. For more information, check our aircon installation services.

By choosing a trusted aircon services company, you ensure the quality of service and the safety and longevity of your unit.

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