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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Maintaining Your Aircon Unit


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For tropical countries with warm temperatures and a generally humid climate, an air-conditioning unit is a definite must. However, for a country like Singapore, known for being one of hottest nations in Southeast Asia, this requirement often comes as an essential need regardless of one’s housing type. As one of the countries in Asia with the highest percentage of active aircon users, it comes as no surprise that common issues of faulty aircon units often plague Singaporeans.

Cases of faulty air-conditioning units are not only a big pain in one’s wallet, but it can also potentially lead to harmful cases of health-related risks. Having an aircon that doesn’t work to its best capacity is also quite possibly the worst thing to happen during the hot days, decreasing your productivity level and your overall mood.

As such, you need to properly make sure that your aircon is well-maintained. How? By performing DIY regular maintenance tasks and check-ups. However, there are several common mistakes that aircon owners make in the process that directly affect an aircon’s performance and lifespan. In order to prevent causing further damage to your aircon unit, you need to know the mistakes to avoid to ensure your aircon continues to perform at its fullest capacity.

Common Mistakes When Maintaining Your AC

1. No routine maintenance program

Performing routine maintenance programs for your aircon is highly recommended to make sure that the functions of the unit continues to be carried out perfectly and smoothly. The air-conditioning unit actually requires more frequent tune-ups compared to other mechanical devices. Part of the routine maintenance program involves the consistent cleaning of coils, regular replacement of the aircon’s filters and careful clearing of any unwanted particles that may have built up over time. Doing these steps will ensure that you get to experience the unit performing to its best and fullest capacity. Keep in mind that living by this routine program means that your aircon will perform better and save you from the hassle of emergency repairs down the line.

2. Failure to clean unwanted debris and dirt

A big culprit of emergency repairs is the accumulation of unwanted particles in your aircon such as debris, stones, and dirt. The act of routinely inspecting and clearing of these unwanted particles will provide a big help in preventing the obstruction of the air in the machine — a common cause of cooling and dirt problems. As a rule of thumb: if your unit is situated near huge trees in your house, then this is a step that you shouldn’t ever neglect. This is because the leaves and small branches of these trees often get stuck in the air-conditioner, potentially damaging the small and sensitive parts inside the unit.

3. Frequently adjusting the aircon thermostat

Do you modify your aircon thermostat frequently? Consider putting a stop to this as soon as possible. Why? Because it might be the reason why your aircon unit is not performing at its best. By continuously changing the aircon thermostat, you’re causing your aircon to switch gears in terms of the power it needs to exert in order to provide cool air. This mistake, a common blunder committed by even the most informed aircon owners, also causes failures and breakdowns. Not only this, but by further changing the aircon thermostat settings, your aircon can also suffer undue stress, which can lead to worse, sudden emergency repairs. You might be thinking how you can go about your day without feeling the need to continuously switch thermostat preferences. The answer is quite simple. It is recommended by aircon experts that you set the temperature of your unit in the preference that you will feel comfortable throughout the day — helping to ease the load on your aircon thermostat and unit. Another tip is to also use the latest technology by employing different programmable thermostats in your home. Doing this can allow you to change and adjust the temperature without touching the aircon thermostat. This way, your aircon can perform without any interruptions and cases of sudden breakdowns.

4. Turning the aircon unit on and off

If you’re guilty of constantly switching the aircon on and off, then you might be doing it more harm than good. Turning an aircon unit on and off also means that the fan and the compressor are working double time to produce and start all over again at a rapid pace, leading to further stress on the machine. To prevent yourself from falling into this mistake ever again, feel free to try turning your unit on during the day when it’s the hottest and off during the night when it’s the coldest or least hottest. This way, you can not only be sure that your aircon isn’t experiencing much stress, but you can also be assured that your electricity bell isn’t going to give you any more stress.

5. Not using ceiling fans as an alternative

The aircon unit, although designed to keep you cool 24/7, is not ideally meant to always be used. Hence, a lot of Singaporeans also rely on the cooling wonders given by ceiling fans as an alternative. Ceiling fans should basically act as a supplementary device intended to help your aircon unit to function effectively and to prevent repairs and breakdowns related to overuse. Thus, it is recommended to practice striking the perfect balance between heavily relying on your aircon unit and ceiling fan. As a recommended tip, all ceiling fans must be installed in a way that will allow them to blow the air down and not up. Not only will this ensure proper air circulation, but it will also be beneficial for you in making sure that the air gets to you faster. Another advantage of using ceiling fans is lessened energy use and cheaper electricity bills for residents. Moreover, ceiling fans are usually offered at relatively low prices so it’s not only an energy-efficient alternative, but a cheaper one as well.

6. Not changing the aircon filter and using the aircon 24/7

Changing the filters of your aircon is a simple and standard producer that you should never skip doing. Doing this helps your unit in being clean and well-maintained. But it’s also important to note that frequently changing them could also be damaging due to constant tinkering of the machine’s parts. Another mistake to avoid is also running the aircon unit at all times, specifically 24/7. Doing this can cause serious damage to the machine due to overwork and increased wear and tear. 

7. Not using your aircon unit for a very long time

While it is recommended to save energy and avoid overworking your aircon unit, it is also not advisable to let it remain unused for such a long period of time. Leaving it off when not needed could bring wonders to your electricity bill, but sometimes pushing it too far could also be far more costly down the line. Thus, aircon experts recommend still using the unit from time to time. Like a car’s engine, your trusty cooling machine also needs all the ideal activity that it can get to continue performing at its best.

Caring for Your Air Conditioner

While avoiding these common mistakes can be a money-saver, multiple components of your AC unit will still need professional servicing every few months. To ensure the prevention of unwanted cases of sudden breakdowns and malfunctions, try seeking professional assistance from your trusted aircon servicing company. 

At Luce Aircon Singapore, our highly-skilled AC experts will make sure that your unit stays performing at its best condition and for the longest period of time.

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