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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

AC Condenser Fins Replacement: A Complete Guide on Cost

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The condenser unit of your air conditioning system is home to various essential components that enable your air conditioner to function properly. These parts include the condenser fins, which are responsible for directing the warm air out of your air conditioner.

Diagnosing Faulty Condenser Fins

Diagnosing faulty condenser fins does not show straightforward symptoms like a faulty condenser coil, damaged evaporator coil, or failing heat pump does. Many of the symptoms of damaged fins are also symptoms of other faulty aircon parts, such as an overheating air conditioner, and unusual noises. Here are the most common symptoms for damaged fins:

#1 Condenser Fins Have Dents or Bent Fins

Check the fins located at the outdoor unit of HVAC systems, right next to the condenser coils. The fins should have a slight angle that projects the warm air outside the unit, but they should not have bent or broken parts. If the fins are damaged or bent, then you may need to use a fin comb to straighten them out.

#2 Affected HVAC Performance

Because the fins are responsible for directing warm air out of the unit, damaged or bent fins can affect the performance of your HVAC system. Damaged fins can prevent air flow in and out of the unit, and can cause heat transfer indoors. You may notice a significant change in the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner.

Dirt may also block the fins, causing the warm air to circulate within the unit, and overheat the system. When the air conditioner is overheating, shut off the unit, and clean the fins with a small brush or a pressure washer to dislodge any debris from the fins and the condenser coil.

Is It Possible to Replace the Fins?

No, it is not possible to replace the fins. The cost of replacing the fins plus the labor of the repair is not worth looking into. The best repair for bent fins is to straighten out the bent parts, and clean them with a small brush.

How to Fix Bent Fins

Step 1: Locate the Bent Fins

First, open up the housing of the AC unit. Only do this if you have already cut the power source of the unit by removing the breaker connected to the AC condenser. Inspect the fins for any damaged parts.

Step 2: Use Pliers or a Fin Comb

Use long-nose pliers, or better yet, a fin comb, to straighten out the fins. There should be proper air flow through the fins for the AC unit to function properly. Avoid applying too much pressure as you may damage the fins further.

Give the condenser unit a good cleaning while you're at it. Brush the debris out of the fins, the condensing coil, and the fan blades of your unit. This will prevent further damage to the unit, and upkeep your air conditioning system.

Step 3: Close the Unit

Close up the unit, and secure the housing back on the condenser. Place the breaker back in its original position, and test the air conditioner to make sure that the repair was done properly.

Condenser Fin Repair Cost

Repairing the condenser fins can be done at home to save up on labor costs, but other services such as coil replacement or condenser repairs may cost between $150 to $1000 depending on the scope of work.

Where to Repair Condenser Fins?

#1 At Home

Condenser fins can be easily repaired at home, especially if there's just minor damage to the fins. Using a fin comb will help straighten any bent parts, and it is a simple, inexpensive repair to the air conditioner.

#2 Reputable Aircon Repair Shops

If you're inexperienced or uncomfortable with handling the air conditioner repairs by yourself, you may opt to have the fins repaired by reputable aircon repair shops instead. You may have the technicians repair the bent or damaged fins during a routine general maintenance checkup, or schedule a repair service at any time.

At Luce Aircon, we dedicate our services to bringing only the best cooling comfort to our clients. Talk to our experienced technicians today to know how you can upkeep your air conditioner! 

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