Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)
Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

Arctic King Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guides

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Problem Possible Causes Solutions
Air Conditioner Fan Won't Turn On Power supply issues; Faulty relay switch Contact an electrician or technician, depending on the problem
Air Conditioner Inadequately Cools the Room Mismatched AC size; Malfunctioning coils Replace your unit; Place your unit in a smaller room; Contact a technician for any problems
Air Conditioner is Freezing Up Dirty filter and coils Clean your AC unit
Air Conditioner is Short Cycling Air filter is dirty; AC is overheating Clean your unit

Common Problems with the Arctic King Air Conditioner

#1 Air Conditioner Fan Won't Turn On

When your Arctic King air conditioner won't power on, the issue is usually at the power source. Check if your power cord is securely connected to the electrical socket, and check for any tripped or busted fuses in the circuit breaker box. Notice if your other devices have stopped working as well, as you may have an electric blackout in your area.

Once you've determined the power supply is not the issue, you can move onto inspecting your air conditioner. You may have a dirty condenser coil, or a clogged condenser that is causing your unit to malfunction. You may also have a faulty motor switch, preventing your unit from receiving its power supply.

#2 Air Conditioner Inadequately Cools the Room

If your air conditioner is not sufficiently cooling the room, there can be two reasons: (1) your Arctic King air conditioner is too small and weak for the room size, or (2) your air conditioning unit is malfunctioning at its cooling coils.

A small air conditioner may be providing cold air, but the air flow is weak and inadequate for the size of the room, leading to insufficient cooling. This is often the case with portable air conditioners, as a portable air conditioner is not powerful enough to cool a large area as a split-type or window air conditioner would. Move your portable air conditioner into a smaller room.

The issue may also be with the air conditioner itself. A dirty air filter restricts air circulation around the unit, causing the AC unit to blow warm or hot air instead of cold. The cooling coil may be filthy or malfunctioning, or the AC may simply be on fan mode instead of cool mode. Inspect each possible cause individually to find the problem.

#3 Air Conditioner is Freezing Up

A frozen AC can be caused by a dirty air filter, which in this case you can simply wash and dry the filter before using your air conditioner. However, if the problem lies with the refrigerant leaking out of the unit, you will need to have our technicians inspect and repair the leak before you can use your Arctic King air conditioner.

#4 Air Conditioner is Short Cycling

When the air conditioner turns on, and it abruptly turns off, only to power on again after a few minutes, it is undergoing what is called short cycling - its cooling cycles have shortened without the use of a timer or pressing the power button.

When this happens, it often indicates a problem with the unit. Either the air conditioner is filthy and needs a thorough, deep cleaning, or the AC unit is overheating. It is best to have our HVAC technicians check your unit to find the underlying cause without damaging your AC.

How to Reset Your Arctic King Air Conditioner

Reset Point: Reset Button

To reset your arctic king air conditioner, you will first have to locate the reset button. This button is typically located by the power cord. Press and hold the reset button for around 3 to 5 seconds, then release it to restart your air conditioner. The Arctic King AC unit will need around 10 minutes to complete the reset, then you can check if restarting your AC solved the problem.

Arctic King Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

#1 Check the Owner's Manual

The owner's manual and guidebook includes everything you need to know about your Arctic King air conditioner: from the buttons on the remote control, to the error codes displaying issues with the outdoor temperature, fan speed, or air directional louvers. Always check your manual first, and follow the troubleshooting guides before trying anything else.

#2 Look for the Error Code Displayed on the Indoor Unit

Check the error code on your air conditioner, which may be displayed on the indoor unit or on the screen of your remote control. This will show you the problem with your unit so you can easily troubleshoot the correct issue with your air conditioner. Your manual should have a list of error codes, as well as a troubleshooting guide for each AC problem.

#3 Wash the Filter

Washing the air filter will immediately fix and prevent the majority of air conditioner problems. Wash the filter with soap and water, then dry the filter before placing it back into the unit. Your filter should be washed at least twice a month for the best care of your AC.

Common Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
E1 Room temperature sensor error.
E2 Evaporator temperature sensor error.
E3 Condenser temperature sensor error (select models).
E4 Display panel communication error.
P1 Bottom tray is full — Connect the drain hose and drain the collected water away.

*See our full list of Arctic King air conditioner error codes here.

Maintaining Your Arctic King Air Conditioner

Maintaining your Arctic King air conditioner is made simple with cleaning, maintenance, and repair services at Luce Aircon. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in different air conditioning systems across various models, brands, and types of air conditioners, so you can be assured our team will get your AC unit up and running again!

Luce Aircon is your partner for all your air conditioning needs from purchasing and installation instructions, to deep cleaning and upkeep. We'll keep those issues at bay, and lengthen the useful life of your AC unit.

Check out our article on Delonghi portable aircon troubleshooting.

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