Dear Clients, please note that all bookings will only resume after the COVID shutdown period.
Dear Clients, please note that all bookings will only resume after the COVID shutdown period.

Best Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners in Singapore

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Choosing the best aircon for your office space, retail space, or commercial area can be challenging as you will need to consider the efficiency, energy requirements, installation, and a handful of other factors. The best air conditioner should provide cool air to the entire space without breaking the bank.

Ceiling Cassette Aircon - Pros and Cons

Ceiling-mounted air conditioners are cooling systems that provide comfortable airflow to large areas without compromising floor or wall space unlike wall-mounted split-type units, window air conditioners, and standing units. Other pros and cons include:

Pros: Discreet and Space-saving

Ceiling cassettes have become popular among offices and other commercial spaces as they make use of the available ceiling space, freeing up wall and floor space for daily operations. They are discreet, and work with most ceilings.

Pro: Efficient Cooling

These units are gaining popularity since they cover a wide area. Moreover, these units do not take up much space like standard air conditioners. Most cassette aircon models can cool up to 1000 square feet of office space or more, and are often energy efficient, using greener refrigerant for better air quality around the space.

Inverter ceiling cassette aircons are more energy saving than traditional types, particularly as inverter units regulate the temperature in the room using low energy consumption. Many offices in Singapore have now adapted to using inverter ceiling cassette air conditioners to reduce the costs of operating the unit.

Con: Maintenance Costs

Cassette aircon models typically require a level of maintenance and cleaning that must be done professionally. Cleaning and maintenance should be done every 4 months for the best care, and many aircon servicing companies will perform checkups and chemical washes to ensure the durability of the unit - which drives up the costs to maintain the AC.

Best Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner Models - A Complete Guide

#1 Cooper & Hunter Ceiling Cassette Aircon 24,000 BTU

The Cooper & Hunter cassette aircon covers up to 1,200 square feet of space, and features a high efficiency rating of 21.5 SEER. The air conditioner acts as both a cooling and heating system, and provides maximum comfort with its premium range of AC units that cools the room faster.

#2 Toshiba Brand Ceiling Cassette Aircon 45,000 BTU

The Toshiba Ceiling Cassette AC unit with 45,000 BTU cooling capacity provides optimum performance and comfort. It is also quiet and easy to install so it won't hinder daily office or retail operations. Its key features include high energy efficiency rating, quick cooling, and a powerful fan that controls the indoor humidity.

#3 Panasonic Inverter Ceiling Cassette Aircon 34,000 BTU

The Panasonic aircon has introduced this new flat panel design. The Panasonic inverter ceiling cassette is a modern unit that blends seamlessly with most interior design. This unit is also efficient and quiet. The 34,000 BTU model is one of the top two panasonic cassettes for commercial offices, homes, and retail spaces with powerful cooling, and easy maintenance.

#4 Daikin Brand Ceiling Cassette Aircon 43,000 BTU

This unit is another popular option among homeowners and business owners. It comes with energy-efficient climate control features. The unit is perfect for different applications and requirements. With automatic airflow adjustment, the unit provides optimum comfort cooling and superior airflow control that creates colder air than other models of the same line.

This Daikin brand ceiling cassette aircon can heat and cool down spaces with ceilings as high as 3.5m without losing capacity, and is one of the best ceiling cassettes in the market. It features easy installation as well, which won't disrupt office workers from daily operations.

Choosing the Best Ceiling Cassette for Your Office

If you’re in need of professional aircon servicing to help you select the right ceiling cassette, give us a call here at Luce Aircon! Our friendly aircon experts will help you find the perfect choice for your business and also let you know how you can maximize your overall AC experience for constant cooling comfort.

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