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10 Best Ceiling Cassette Aircons in Singapore

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Have you been looking for the perfect aircon for your office? We understand that choosing the best aircon for your office is no mean feat. That is why we have created this list of the best 2021 cassette aircons in Singapore to help you make the best decision.

What is a Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Unit?

Ceiling cassettes have become extremely popular due to the benefits they have to offer. They are different from your unique air conditioners since they do not sit on the walls or ceiling. Most ceiling cassette air conditioners work with most ceilings.

These units are gaining popularity since they cover a wide area. Moreover, these units do not take up much space like standard air conditioners. Let us look at the top ceiling cassette aircons below.

10 Best Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners in Singapore

Mitsubishi Electric Models

Mitsubishi has established itself as one of the famous brands in Singapore. Mitsubishi Electric manufactures a wide range of ceiling cassette air conditioner units designed for enterprises and commercial offices. The company strives to offer maximum comfort while reducing energy consumption. Here are the three best Mitsubishi cassette aircons:

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter [24K BTU] Ceiling Cassette

These ceiling cassettes are one of the best selling units in the market. An inverter voltage electronic controls them. Mitsubishi Electric inverter (2400 BTU) ceiling cassettes receive information from sensors, monitoring the operating conditions. The sensors also control the compressor rotation speed to regulate the production of air conditioning.

Key Features:

  • The unit offers improved efficiency while reducing energy consumption
  • Auto-changeover
  • Duty standby operation
  • Durable filter
  • Ceiling soiling prevention
  • Fresh air knockout
  • Drain lift pump
  • Quiet operation

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter [42K BTU] Ceiling Cassette

Just like the previous model, this iteration is also a popular option. An inverter voltage electronic controls the unit. It offers optimum economic performance and real comfort. Let us look at some of its features below.

Key Features:

  • Auto-restart
  • High and low ceiling
  • Low ceiling feature
  • Pure white
  • Low temperature cooling
  • Swing
  • Auto feature
  • Ventilator automat

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter [36K BTU] Ceiling Cassette

These inverters provide high seasonal efficiency, quiet operation, advanced options and increased flexibility. They are also easy to install and maintain. Here are the key features of Mitsubishi Electric inverter [36K BTU] ceiling cassette:

Key Features:

  • Optional noise reduction
  • Auto-changeover
  • High ceiling
  • Ceiling soiling prevention
  • Fresh air knockout
  • Drain lift pump
  • Hot start draught prevention
  • Optional demand control

Daikin Models

Daikin is known for its high-quality cooling units and state-of-the-art air conditioning system. This is another brand famed by office workers and homeowners in Singapore. Here are the three top Daikin models in the ceiling cassette category:


Daikin Brand Ceiling Cassette [24K BTU]

This model is ideal for rooms up to 48 m² and a premium range. It is a premium quality product with round flow technology. Learn more about Daikin Brand Ceiling Cassette [24K BTU] below.

Key Features:

  • Perfect filtration system
  • Quiet cooling
  • WiFi ready
  • Sleek design
  • Self-cleaning filter
  • Seasonal efficiency
  • Eurovent certified
  • Extended warranty

Daikin Brand Ceiling Cassette [43K BTU]

This unit is another popular option among homeowners and business owners. It comes with energy-efficient climate control features. The unit is perfect for different applications and requirements. Learn more about the features of this unit below.

Key Features:

  • Can heat and cool down units with ceilings as high as 3.5m without losing capacity
  • The unit provides optimum comfort
  • The unit can be installed and maintained easily
  • Automatic airflow adjustment
  • Comes with a stylish modern casing, which is iron-grey or pure white
  • Standard drain pump that comes with 500mm lift to increase installation speed and airflow adjustment
  • It features an individual flap control flexibility to suit every room

Daikin Brand Ceiling Cassette [34K BTU]

This is another popular option to go for if you need a functional and reliable aircon for your office or apartment. The unit is easy to install and comes with a stylish casing. Learn more about this unit below.

Key Features:

  • Greener refrigerant
  • Very quiet
  • Automatic airflow adjustment
  • High-energy savings
  • Optimum comfort
  • 360 degree airflow
  • Superior airflow control
  • Easy to install


Panasonic Models

Panasonic aircons are also growing in popularity due to the comprehensive features they have to offer. These units will cool down your room or office quickly. Here are the top two Panasonic cassettes:

Panasonic Inverter Ceiling Cassette [34,000 BTU]

This Panasonic unit is loved all over Singapore for all the right reasons. From its quick cooling features to optimum comfort, users get their money worth buying this unit. Learn more about Panasonic Inverter Ceiling Cassette [34,000 BTU] below: 

Key Features:

  • Quick cooling
  • Stylish ceiling case
  • Easy installation
  • Cooling comfort
  • Nanoe-X

Panasonic Inverter Ceiling Cassette [34,000 BTU]

The brand has introduced this new flat panel design. A modern unit blends seamlessly with all spaces. This unit is also efficient and quiet. Learn more about the Panasonic Inverter Ceiling Cassette [43,000 BTU] below.

Key Features:

  • Low noise
  • Lightweight
  • Nanoe-X
  • Easy installation
  • High performance

Toshiba Models

The Toshiba brand takes pride in creating energy-efficient aircons. These units are known for their performance and efficiency. Here are the top two Toshiba Models:

Toshiba Brand Ceiling Cassette [45K BTU]

These units provide optimum performance and comfort. It is also quiet and easy to install. Learn more about this Toshiba model below.

Key Features:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Quiet cooling
  • Long airflow
  • Aqua resin coated
  • Powerful fan

Toshiba Brand Ceiling Cassette [36K BTU]

Another suitable option for your office and room. This unit will keep you comfortable as you work or relax. Discover more about the unit below:

Key Features:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Quiet cooling
  • Long airflow
  • Powerful fan

Choosing the Best Ceiling Cassette for Your Office

If you’re in need of professional advice to help you select the right ceiling cassette, give us a call here at Luce Aircon! Our friendly aircon experts will help you find the perfect choice for your business and also let you know how you can maximize your overall AC experience.

Looking for a different aircon type? Why not central aircons for larger rooms and wider coverage. Read our review on the best central aircons you can purchase in Singapore.

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