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Best Window Casement Aircons in Singapore

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It is no secret that most Singaporeans associate the term air conditioner with the typical wall-mounted units. Although these conventional AC units do an excellent job of keeping your home comfortable and relaxed during the warm summer months, it would be wise to take the time and look at all your options before you place an order.

Casement aircons are the best alternative to your typical wall-mounted air conditioner. These units are ideal for single rooms and small apartments. You will be glad to know that casement aircons are more discreet than traditional air conditioners. They are small and will sit on your windows instead of taking so much space on the wall.

Besides, installing casement aircons is much easier than installing traditional air conditioners. This means that you will save money by reducing the price of the unit and the installation costs. What is more, you can easily take the unit with you when you decide to move.

With traditional units, you will have to hire a handyman to remove it from the wall. Transporting an air casement aircon is also more comfortable and cheaper than a typical unit is.

When buying it, don't settle for the first option you encounter! Here are our top picks for the best casement aircons in Singapore 2021.

What Exactly is a Casement Aircon?

Often called sliders, vertical or window ACs, casement aircons will keep your single room or small apartment cool and comfortable by removing heat and humidity from your room and dumping it into the environment. These functional AC units are ideal for sliding windows.

It is important to note that you can install your slider air conditioner on a wall if you want. Since these units have sleeves that facilitate installation, you will have to build a frame if you're going to install yours on the wall. It is advisable to use framing timbers, including 1x6 or 2x4. Remember to apply caulking around the unit to prevent air leakage and enhance performance.

Window Casement Aircon Singapore: Our Top Picks

When looking for the best casement aircons for your single room, office, or small apartment, it is wise to settle for the best. The secret to finding a functional and durable unit is to go for a tried and proven brand and model. Today, we will be looking at the best-selling casement aircons in Singapore:

EuropAce EAC 393 9000BTU 2-in-1 Casement Air Conditioner

EuropAce EAC 393 9000BTU 2-in-1 Casement aircon will provide your money's worth. Apart from keeping your room cool and comfortable, the unit also comes with a cleaner to keep your room clean and sparkling.

This unit works by removing dirt and allergens from the air using UV light and Titanium Dioxide. What is more, the unit features a robust cooling power of about 9,000 BTU, making it a great option for a single room, bedroom, smack office, and small apartment.

The unit can be placed on any window without compromising the theme and aesthetic of your room. EuropAce EAC 393 9000BTU 2-in-1 Casement aircon with Air Cleaner will exceed your expectations, thanks to its eco-friendly refrigerant and drain less technology.

Trentios Casement Air Conditioner

While this aircon is less potent than the previous model, it offers value for your money. It is more a dehumidifier than an air conditioner. It is the ideal option for you if your room or small apartment is properly ventilated yet still gets humid. Even so, the unit has a robust cooling power of 8,000BTU, which means it can keep your single room or small apartment cool.

This unit will sit on your window without becoming an eyesore. It features an anti-corrosive coating, making the Trentios Casement aircon more durable than most options in the market.

How to Choose the Best Casement Aircon

Now that you know the two best-selling casement aircons in Singapore, it is time to make the hard decision. You will have to consider these vital aspects before placing the order: window size and type, room size and the plug type.

The Search for the Perfect Window Casement Aircon

It is no secret that casement air conditioners are underrated. Get one for your small space today. These compact aircons should be your-go to option if you are on a budget. Contact us today if you need help choosing the right casement aircon for your Singapore home. We'd be more than happy to help you choose the best option.

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