Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)
Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

Bryant Furnace AC Error Codes

Error codes

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The Bryant heating and cooling systems provide year-round temperature control in your home. However, issues such as a defective hot surface ignitor or a defective blower motor can cause your Bryant furnace air conditioning system to stop working.

Before you can troubleshoot your Bryant furnace AC system, you will need to understand the error codes that indicate a faulty gas valve, clogged filter, or pressure switch failure to proceed to the necessary troubleshooting steps. Check your owner's manual, or refer to our full error code list below:

Bryant Furnace Troubleshooting Codes

Flashing LED Lights: Furnace Error Codes

Tri-color LED Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
GREEN LED4 ON. Furnace is operating in low heat.
RED LED1 ON. Furnace is operating in emergency heat.
RED LED2 FLASHING. Line voltage polarity is reversed.
RED LED2 ON. The microprocessor has malfunctioned. To reset: Put setup switch "SW-1" in the "ON" position and jumper thermostat terminals "R", "W/W1" and "Y/Y2" simultaneously with the door switch pushed in and power to the unit "ON". Disconnect jumper and place setup switch in the "OFF" position. If LED2 reappears, replace the main control board.
YELLOW LED3 ON. Furnace is operating in high heat.

Amber LED Lights Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
ON, No Flash Standby
1, Pause Variable Capacity
1 (2 Sec ON), Longer Pause (1 Sec OFF) Variable Capacity (Range Cutback)
16 System Communications Failure
25 Invalid Model Plug/ Inverter Size
31 High Pressure Switch Open (stage/speed down for each occurrence, elevates to faultcode 84 when it occurs while running on the lowest stage)
32 Low Pressure Trip (Elevates to Fault Code 83 after 3 Occurrences
33 Lost Inverter Communications (Occurs after 2 minutes of no communication between AOC and MOC, Elevates to fault code 48 after 3 consecutive failures in within 20 mins or 20 mins of continuous loss of connection
45 Control Fault
46 Brownout Event
47 No 230v at Unit
48 Lost Inverter Communications (Elevated from fault code 33 after 3 occurrences)
49 Compressor Overcurrent Fault (Elevates to Fault code 95 after 5 occurrences)
53 Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor Fault
54 Suction Temperature Sensor Fault
55 Coil Temperature Sensor Fault
56 OAT-OCT Thermistor Out of Range
57 Suction Pressure Sensor Fault
59 Discharge Temperature Out of Range Event ( Elevates to fault code 74 after 5 occurrences)
61 Fan Inverter Fault (Elevates to Fault Code 76 after 5 occurrences)
62 Fan Inverter Temperature High ( Elevates to Fault Code 85 after 3 occurrences)
63 Fan Inverter Current Fault (Elevates to Fault Code 86 after 5 occurrences
65 DC Volts Low - Speed Limiting
66 Outdoor Fan Dropped Out
67 Stator Heater Fault
68 10 Min Stage 2 Warmup Delay
69 Inverter/Compressor Internal Fault ( Elevates to this fault code after 5 occurrences of itself)
71 Compressor Dropped Out
72 Suction Over Temperature Event ( Elevates to Fault Code 82 after 3 occurrences)
73 Contactor Shorted
74 Discharge Temperature Out of Range Lockout ( Elevated from fault code 59 after 5 occurrences)
75 Maximum Power Mode - Temp (Temporary RPM Reduction or stage lowering will result)
76 Fan Inverter Lockout (Elevated from Fault Code 61 after 5 occurrences)
77 Maximum Power Mode - Comp Current (Temporary RPM Reduction or stage lowering will result)
79 Compressor/Inverter Fault (Elevates to Fault Code 88 after 5 occurrences)
81 Low Stage Thermal Lockout
82 Suction over Temperature Lockout (Elevated from Fault Code 72 after 3 occurrences)
83 Low Pressure Lockout for 4 hours (Elevated from fault code 32 after 3 occurrences)
84 High Pressure Lockout for 4 Hours (Elevated from fault code 31 after stage (speed) can no longer be lowered)
85 Fan Inverter Temperature Lockout (Elevated from Fault Code 62 after 3 occurrences)
86 Fan Inverter Current Lockout (Elevated from Fault Code 63 after 5 occurrences)
88 Compressor/Inverter Lockout (Elevated from Fault Code 79 after 5 occurrences)
91 Inverter VDC-Out Over Voltage Event (Elevates to Fault Code 97 after 5 occurrences)
92 Inverter VDC-Out under Voltage Event (Elevates to Fault Code 96 after 5 occurrences)
93 230 VAC Under Voltage Event
94 230 VAC Over Voltage Event
95 Compressor Over Current Lockout (Elevated from Fault Code 49 after 5 occurrences
96 VDC Under Voltage Lockout ( Elevated from Fault Code 92 after 5 occurrences)
97 VDC Overvoltage Lockout (Elevated from Fault Code 91 after 5 occurrences)
98 High Torque Event (Event will cause stage down, and when stage is at lowest level, it will elevate to Fault Code 99)
99 High Torque Lockout (Elevated from Fault Code 98 when 98 occurs at lowest level)
On solid, no flash Standby - no call for unit operation
1, pause Low---stage Cool/Heat Operation
2, pause High-stage Cool/Heat Operation

Bryant Furnace Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
12;44 There's a fault with the blower calibration
13 Problem with the limit switch being tripped (furnace will auto reset after three hours)
14 Ignition problem (control will auto reset after three hours)
23 Problem with the blower airflow selection
34 The ignition process isn't working properly
41 The blower isn't operating at the right revolutions per minute
43 There's a fault with the pressure switch calibration
45 Lockout because of a problem with the control circuitry (furnace will auto reset after an hour)
03-Apr Failed ignition due to faulty flame sensor, faulty gas valve or low inlet gas pressure.
03-Mar The limit or flame rollout switch is open.
04-May Flame sensor circuit failure

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