Dear Clients, please note that all bookings will only resume after the COVID shutdown period.
Dear Clients, please note that all bookings will only resume after the COVID shutdown period.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning Vs Overhaul - Best Advice & Price


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More than doing quarterly maintenance and repair, the key to keeping your aircon in tip-top shape is through regular cleaning and washing. This includes sprucing up almost all of the aircon’s parts — filters, fins, coils, casing — to give the unit a complete and thorough clean.

But apart from this standard cleaning method, did you know that there’s two different ways of giving your aircon unit a more thorough wash? It’s true. They’re called aircon chemical overhaul and washing.

In this complete guide, we’ll discuss the main differences and features of the two chemical cleaning methods — helping you better decide the best cleaning option for your unit.

What is Chemical Cleaning?

An aircon chemical wash or chemical cleaning is the process of tidying the aircon unit’s coils, air filters and water trays using a solution that is chemical in nature. Using this kind of solution to clean these components is an effective way of killing molds and other harmful bacteria. But the icing on the cake is apart from eliminating them entirely, it also stops their growth.

This process also helps keep your energy bill in check since the aircon will have less dirt, dust and bacteria build-up that can slow down air flow and unit performance.

What is Chemical Overhaul?

A chemical overhaul goes further than a chemical wash. Where the technician cleans the coils, filter and water trays, they will also deal with the drainage pipes, heat exchange coils as well as the blower wheels. This process is also important in keeping your unit functional for many years without the need to replace expensive parts.

The technician looks at the entire aircon unit to inspect any anomalies and if any are found, they are fixed. From blocked drainage pipes to dusty aircon vents, you name it!

For best results, we highly recommend that you carry out this kind of maintenance on your unit once a year. Some of its benefits include the fact that you will get that gush of fresh air once your drainage pipes have been cleaned out along with the other parts.

Chemical Cleaning vs. Chemical Overhaul Cleaning: A Comparison Guide

1. Cleaning Process

Chemical cleaning is the simple process of washing away all types of dirt and impurities from the aircon unit using a chemical solution. This is particularly recommended for owners wanting to kill and eliminate bacteria and germs for cleaner and fresher air.

Overhauling on the other hand, deals with both the action of cleaning and fixing the unit — from removing dust and dirt particles all the way to making quick repairs on impaired parts.

Another difference is that chemical cleaning or washing involves partial dismantling of your air conditioner unit, while overhaul fully dismantles your unit.

2. Price

Chemical cleaning procedures are generally cheaper since they use standard chemical cleaning techniques. An overhaul, however, is more likely to cost double because it goes deeper in keeping your unit clean and in tip-top shape.

Our basic one-time chemical cleaning procedure is available in four price points: $80, $160, $230 and $290. Our one-time overhaul package on the other hand has the following prices: $150, $280, $390 and $480.

3. Effectivity

While both cleaning methods are highly effective, it still all boils down to what type of maintenance your aircon unit needs. If you’re just looking for a basic cleaning procedure enough to give your aircon a nice and thorough clean, go for chemical wash. But if you want to get the full package of cleaning and fixing, then overhauling is for you.

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There are 3 usual reasons that may tell your aircon needs chemical cleaning. Find out more about it here!

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Whatever you choose, you can ensure that your air conditioner will end up cleaner, fresher and more equipped to keep you cool and comfortable for a long time. For fast and easy aircon cleaning and maintenance, fill out the form below or give us a call here at Luce Aircon!

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