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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

Ultimate Daikin Air Conditioner Review: A 2021 Buying Guide

Daikin Reviews

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Daikin is a Japanese air conditioner brand that has been producing standalone and system air conditioners since 1968. It is currently one of the most popular air conditioner brands in Singapore, and for good reason – Daikin boasts a relatively low price point while offering high durability and strong reliability that is comparable with more expensive aircon brands. 

Pros & Cons

The Good

Daikin is such a popular brand in Singapore due to its comparatively low installation cost compared to other Japanese brands.  Daikin air conditioners stand out from competitors as the lower purchase cost doesn’t result in any degree of reduced reliability or durability – in fact, Daikin ranks near the top in these categories.

In addition, Daikin components are resistant to very high temperatures and humidity levels, making their air conditioners a popular choice in regions with constantly hot weather such as South East Asia and the Middle East.

Daikin air conditioners are usually very energy efficient, resulting in lower running costs – an important consideration in Singapore when air conditioners are used all year round. In fact, even Daikin models with lower efficiency often come with features that reduce cooling capacity when people leave the room or when there is less movement in the room, costing buyers less in the long run.

The Bad

One drawback of most Daikin air conditioners is that their parts cannot be replaced with generic aircon components, and must be replaced with specific Daikin parts. This does not pose a large problem to aircon owners in Singapore, as Daikin has a relatively large market presence in the aircon market, as well as a strong customer service presence.

Another drawback for Daikin is that some consumers have mentioned that certain models can be slightly louder than other brands, so buyers will need to consult with an air conditioner installation company to find a model that suits their needs.

The warranty offered on most Daikin air conditioners is around average, and buyers will need to inquire if the warranty covers both parts replacement and compressor replacement. We found that the warranty period was generally around 5 years on parts replacement, but buyers will need to register for an extension on this period. If you are concerned with affordability, reliability and strong cooling ability, we recommend that you consider Daikin.

Although specific characteristics can widely differ depending on the model and system purchased, in general, the pros and cons of Daikin air conditioners follow these patterns:


  • Low installation cost
  • High Energy efficiency
  • High reliability
  • High durability


  • Cannot use generic aircon parts
  • Some models are slightly louder than competitors
  • Need to register to extend warranty

Daikin iSmile Series

Air Flow Range: 10.9-12.0 cfm
Energy Rating:
5/5 ticks
8 – 9 kg
Noise Range:
19 – 45 dB
Fan Speed:
5 Steps
Base Unit Price Range:
S$2,329.00 (S2) - S$5,539.00 (S5)

The Daikin iSmile series features several user-friendly enhancements such as smart control options and smartphone integrations. It is one of the most efficient aircons on the market and one of Daikin’s most energy-efficient units yet. This series has significantly lower running costs than other series, with this model achieving a 5 out of 5 tick energy efficiency rating.

iSmile uses Daikin’s intelligent eye technology, allowing it to reduce cooling when people leave the room and the aircon is left on, allowing for further running cost reductions.

iSmile units can be controlled with your smartphone via an integrated app. The noise level for these models ranges from 19 dB (quieter than a whisper) to 45 dB (slightly louder than a distant bird call), depending on the model and the mode of operation.

iSmile units also contain an extra particulate filter in addition to Daikin’s usual mould filter, further improving the quality of air that they circulate. This series is available in system 2 all the way to system 5, meaning it can be installed in houses or offices with as few as two or as many as five aircon units attached to the same condenser.


  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Available in system 2 to 5
  • Level of noise is low
  • Integrates with smartphone
  • Detects when people leave the room


  • More expensive than other series

Daikin EZi Series

Air Flow Range: 11-11.5
Energy Rating:
3/5 Ticks
Fan Speed:
5 Steps
Noise Range:
Low – Moderate 19-39 dB
Base Unit Price Range: S$2059 (S2) – S$2779 (S3)

The Daikin Ezi series comes with multiple features designed to make the user experience more convenient, including low energy usage mode, programmable timer settings and night mode.

The fan blower in this Daikin series is designed to reduce noticeable drafts of air, so you won’t feel uncomfortable, irregular bursts of air from the aircon. There are also various fan speeds and dehumidifying settings, so you can regulate the airflow and moisture in your room with ease.

The energy efficiency of these Daikin air conditioners is only moderate, receiving 3 out of 5 ticks; however, this is somewhat offset by their low purchase cost and multiple features. Noise from this series is between the range of 19 dB to 39 dB, depending on the specific model and mode used. This Daikin series is limited to system 2 and 3 aircons, so it is more suitable for smaller homes or offices that only require two or three aircons attached to the same compressor.


  • Very even air circulation
  • Cheaper than other series
  • Level of noise is low
  • Good for small homes and offices


  • Only moderate energy efficiency
  • Only available in system 2 to 3

Daikin Super Multi NX Series

Air Flow Range: 8.7 - 17.4 cfm
Energy Rating:
3/5 Ticks
9 – 12 kg
Fan Speed:
5 Steps
Noise Range:
25 – 46 dB
Base Unit Price Range:
SS$2,430 – S$4,599

The Daikin Super Multi NX series offers a wide variety of aesthetic options for indoor units, giving buyers the option to match their aircon with the personal décor of the home. These Daikin units use an interesting feature whereby they detect human movement in the room via a sensor and regulate air conditioner operation accordingly.

While these Daikin air conditioners only have a moderate energy efficiency rating of 3 out of 5 ticks, the sensor mode detects when you leave the room and reduces cooling, so this series may be beneficial for homes and offices in which people constantly leave and enter the room without turning the aircon off.

The large models of this Daikin series are able to produce a very high rate of air flow, allowing them to quickly cool the room as needed. This Daikin series is slightly louder than the other two Daikin series reviewed here. The Daikin Super Multi NX is available in system 2 up to system 4, meaning that it can be used for cooling in smaller and larger offices and homes.


  • Wide variety of designs to choose from
  • Very high airflow rate available
  • Detects when people leave the room
  • Available in system 2 to 4


  • Only moderate energy efficiency
  • More expensive than other series
  • Slightly louder than other series

Comparison Table

Series iSmile EZi Super Multi NX
Maximum Air Flow Rate 12 cfm 11.5 cfm 17.4 cfm
Energy Consumption 5/5 Ticks 3/5 Ticks 3/5 Ticks
Minimum Weight 8kg 9kg 9kg
Fan Speed 5 Steps 5 Steps 5 Steps
Minimum Noise 19dB 19dB 25dB
Minimum Unit Price (System 2) S$2,329 S$2,059 S$2,430
Maximum System Available 5 3 4


The series reviewed on this page are what we consider to be Daikin’s top three wall mounted systems. Daikin is an excellent brand of air conditioners, and its track record of reliability, efficiency, strong customer service and excellent performance in hot climates has contributed to it becoming one of Singapore’s leading aircon brands.

But if you're interested with other top aircon brands available in Singapore such as Mitsubishi, you can find our in-depth review here.

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