Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)
Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Error Codes

Fujitsu Troubleshooting

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What's in the article?

Fujitsu fault codes normally appear on the air conditioner’s display to let you know when something has gone awry. These error codes indicate the underlying problem with your Fujitsu air conditioner so you can take the necessary steps to solve the problem. Always refer to your user's manual for troubleshooting tips, or check out our Fujitsu troubleshooting guide.

In this article, we’ll show you the complete list of Fujitsu fault codes and how to read them so you can fix any issue affecting your AC unit. Most Fujitsu air conditioner units would have numerical error codes displayed on the indoor unit or remote controller display, but some may use flashing lights instead of error codes.

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Fujitsu Operation Indicator Lamp Codes

Sensor Light Codes

  • Green light sensor - The indoor unit and outdoor unit are functioning properly.
  • Red light sensor (RLS): 2 flashes, green light sensor (GLS): 2 flashes – Indoor air sensor fail.
  • RLS: 2 flashes, GLS: 3 flashes – Indoor unit pipe sensor fail.
  • RLS: 3 flashes, GLS: 4 flashes – Outdoor unit air sensor fail.

LED Codes

Error Code Meaning
1 flash Communication error (Indoor unit – Outdoor unit)
2 flash Discharge pipe temperature sensor
3 flash Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (outlet) sensor
4 flash Outdoor temperature sensor error.
5 flash Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (mid) sensor
6 flash Discharge pipe temperature abnormal
7 flash Compressor temperature sensor
8 flash Heat sink temperature sensor
9 flash Pressure switch abnormal
10 flash Compressor temperature abnormal
12 flash IPM error
13 flash Compressor rotor position cannot detect
14 flash Compressor cannot operate
15 flash Outdoor fan abnormal (upper fan)
16 flash Outdoor fan abnormal (lower fan)
5 sec on/ 0.1 sec off repeat PAM voltage abnormality
5 sec on/ 1 sec off repeat Protect operation
5 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat PFC surge protection (permanent stop)
5 sec on/ 5 sec off repeat Fan malfunction
2 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat CT abnormality
2 sec on/ 5 sec off repeat Compressor temperature protection (permanent stop)
1 sec on/ 1 sec off repeat Pump down operation
0.5 sec on/ 0.5 sec off repeat Current surge protection
0.1 sec on/ 0.1 sec off repeat Thermistor malfunction
0.1 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat Compressor position detection malfunction
Off Normal Operating Mode or Power Supply Plug Disconnected

Fujitsu Aircon Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
OO ID to RC Comms Fail
O1 ID to OD Comms Fail
O2 ID Air Sensor Open
O3 ID Air Sensor Close
O4 ID Pipe Sensor Open
O5 ID Pipe Sensor Close
O6 OD Pipe Sensor Fail
O8 Power Source Connection Failure
O9 Drain Problem Float switch operated
OA OD Air Sensor Fail
OC Discharge sensor Fail
OE Outdoor High Pressure Heatsink error
11 OD PCB Fail
12 ID Fan Fail
13 OD Signal Abnormal ID signal error
15 Compressor Temp Failure
16 Pressure Switch Error
17 IPM Error
18 CT Error
19 Active Filter Module Error
1A Compressor Failure
1B OD Fan Failure
1C Inverter to PCB Comms Fail
1D 2 Way Valve sensor Fail
1E Expansion Valve Error
1F Connection ID Unit Error
20 Indoor manual switch abnormal
24 Excessive high pressure protection on cooling
25 PFC circuit error
26 Indoor signal error
27 Indoor signal error
28 Indoor heat exchanger temperature error
29 Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (middle) error
2A Power supply frequency detection error
2B Compressor temperature error
2C Four-way valve abnormal

This table covers the current Fujitsu aircon inverter product range. Included are the ARY60U, ARY54U Single, and AOY19/24F/U Multi System models.

Troubleshooting Fujitsu Indoor Units

Here are a couple of troubleshooting tips to diagnose and repair issues affecting Fujitsu wired remote control AC models:

  1. When the E:EE Is Displayed - If you see the E:EE displayed, simply switch the unit off and press the temperature up and temperature down buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  2. Return to Normal Operation - If you want to return to normal operations, simply press the temperature up and temperature down buttons together for 3 seconds.
  3. Initiate Test Operation - To initiate the test operation, simply switch the unit off and press and hold the master and fan buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. Afterward, press the start/stop button to initiate.
  4. Change the Sensor Position - Turn the unit off and change the position by pressing the THERMOSENSOR button for 5 seconds. Once unlocked, toggle the button further until the controller panel is displayed. Then set it to your desired setting and press the button again for 5 seconds to lock it again.
  5. Set on RC DIP SWs - For single handset units, turn DIP SW1 on and turn 2 off. For dual handset master units, turn both on while turning both slaves off.
  6. Turn Group Control Up to 16 Units from 1 RC Handset - Set the DIP SW3 switch on and RC on. Set each ID unit rotary SW to Unit Address (0-15) in series.
  7. Enable Auto Restart on Power Failure - To enable auto restart on power failure, turn DIP SW2-3 on the ID unit. Off is auto restart and on is manual restart.
  8. Auto Changeover - Turn DIP SW5 on RC. Set on auto changeover while off is manual.
  9. Memory Retention on Power Failure - Dip SW6 on RC. On is memory/off is no memory.
  10. Air Filter Dirty - Simply disassemble the air filter from the unit, and wash under running water with some soap. Dry before placing the filter back into the unit.
  11. Frozen AC Unit Operation - The automatic defrosting mode operates when the AC unit has frozen coils. Turning the unit off should help defrost the coils faster.
Check out our articles on Fujitsu aircon troubleshooting.

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