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General Electric (GE) Air Conditioner Error Codes

Error codes

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General Electric, or GE, has a wide range of air conditioners from the small, portable models, to the mini-split and window air conditioner. These GE air conditioner models may experience problems from time to time. When this happens, the AC unit should present an error code on its LED screen.

These error codes may be coupled with a sound coming from your unit, such as a GE air conditioner beeping noise, as the air conditioner informs you of a problem with your unit. Knowing the meaning behind these error codes will help with the troubleshooting process. If your GE air conditioner buttons are not working, however, you may need to call a technician.

GE Air Conditioner Error Codes

GE Portable Air Conditioner Error Codes

Error Code Meaning Solution
P1 or H8 Water reservoir is full. Drain the water tank according to instructions found in user manual.
E1 or F1 Ambient room temperature error. Restart the unit.
E2 or F2 Evaporator sensor error. Unplug the unit, wait 30 seconds, then plug the air conditioner back in.
E4 Display panel communication error. Power the unit off, then power it on again.
F4 Outdoor temperature sensor error. Remove any obstructions or blockages from the vents.
F0 Refrigerant sensor error. Unplug the unit, and contact a technician.
E5 Overcurrent protection error. Unplug the unit, and contact a technician.
H3 Compressor overload protection error. Restart the unit.
E8 Overload malfunction error. Unplug the unit, and let the air conditioner cool before plugging it back in.

GE Window Air Conditioner Error Codes

LED Error Codes

LED Error Code Meaning Solution
LED screen flashing "88" A 2-second display of "88" is normal upon startup. No action.
Cool LED light flashing Frozen evaporator coils. Power the unit off, and allow it to defrost before using. Clean the evaporator coils.
Red LED light blinking Dirty air filter. Clean the air filters.

GE Window Air Conditioner Codes

Error Code Meaning Solution
E1 Electronic control board malfunction issue. Reset the unit’s electronic control board.
E2 Temperature sensor error Restart the unit.
E4 Drain pan is full. Remove water from drain pan.
E8 Overload malfunction error. Reset the unit by unplugging the GE window air conditioners for 30 seconds.

GE Mini-split Air Conditioner Error Codes

Error Code Meaning Solution
EP Main compressor sensor malfunction. Replace the compressor sensor.
E0 EEPROM parameter error.
E1 Communication error between indoor unit and outdoor unit. Restart the unit to fix the error.
E2 Signal error. Restart the unit to fix the error.
E3 Indoor fan speed malfunction. Check fan motor and fan blades for damage. Replace any faulty components as needed.
E5 Open or short circuit of outdoor temperature sensor. Unplug unit, and call a technician/electrician.
E6 Open or short circuit of room temperature sensor. Unplug unit, and call a technician/electrician.
P0 Inverter module protection.
P1 Over or under voltage protection. Unplug unit, and call a technician/electrician.
P2 Compressor temperature protection. No action. Let the unit cool.
P3 Outdoor temperature too low. No action. Let the unit warm up.
P4 Compressor drive error (inverters only). Reset the unit.

GE Dehumidifier Air Conditioner's Error Codes

Error Code Meaning Solution
E0 On 70 Pint models only – when water is not pumped out while the unit is running under the Pump mode, E0 and the pump light will flash on the display.
E1 Electronic control board function error. Check the electronic control board for any damages. Replace the faulty or damaged components.
E4 Water bucket is full or defective bucket float switch Empty the collection bucket. Check for a pinched or damaged wire in the wires between the control panel and the collection bucket float switch. 
88 When power is connected to the unit, “88” will be displayed, this is normal. No action.

Can't Find the Issue?

GE air conditioner error codes differ from one model to another, which is why GE does not list its full error codes in their website. It is always important to keep the manual of your GE air conditioners in order to troubleshoot any problem that arises later on.

Bringing your unit to our licensed and experienced technicians here at Luce Aircon is the convenient way of fixing your AC unit! Our technicians are well-versed in different aircon issues, so if you can't find the problem with your unit through our list, contact us for a thorough inspection, and durable repairs!

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