Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)
Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

Hisense Portable Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guides

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Problem Possible Causes Solutions
Front Display Screen is Blank Dimmed screen; Screensaver mode; Glitch Reset the AC unit if screen is glitching.
AC Not Blowing Cold Air Fan mode instead of cool mode Dirty AC unit. Set AC to cool mode; Clean the filters, coils, and drain hose.
AC Won't Operate Electical or Power supply issues Contact an electrician to fix the problem.
AC Unit and Remote Control Miscommunication Low batteries in remote control. Replace batteries.

Common Problems with the Hisense Portable Air Conditioner

#1 Front Display Screen of Air Conditioner is Blank

You may be surprised to see a blank screen on your Hisense portable air conditioner. Most air conditioners have LED screens that function as a control board, and where you can see the aircon settings in a convenient way.

When the LED screen is blank, it can mean one of three things: (1) the screen is dimmed, which is a setting you can activate or deactivate using the remote control; (2) the screen is on screensaver mode, and will light up once you change a setting on your AC unit; or (3) the screen is experiencing a computer glitch that may be resolved by pressing the reset button.

#2 Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

If the air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cool air, check first if your AC unit is on a cool mode or a fan mode. A fan mode may not necessarily cool the air, but instead circulates the air in your room, therefore it takes on the temperature of the room air.

If your AC is on cool mode, but still won't blow cooling air into the room, then check your air filter. It may be dirty, which restricts the air flow in the unit, causing the warm air to flow into your room. Cleaning the filter should help cool the room air. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the coils and vent hose as well.

#3 Air Conditioner Won't Operate

If your AC unit won't power on or operate at all, check the power cord first. Is it securely plugged into the wall? Are you having an electrical blackout? Had the circuit breaker tripped? These electrical issues may be the causes for your AC not working. Make sure the power cord is tightly plugged into the electric socket, and that the circuit breaker is functioning well.

#4 Air Conditioning Unit and Remote Control Miscommunication

Miscommunications between your portable air conditioning unit and its remote control may be due to low batteries in your remote control. Low battery power will cause the control board to lose its connection with your unit, which is why you may have a difficult time changing fan speed or cooling modes.

Change the batteries of your remote control, and make sure you're facing the remote directly towards the unit for the best connectivity. Remove any obstructions between the remote and your unit as these may hinder the connection.

How to Reset Your Hisense Air Conditioner

Reset Point: Power Button

Restarting your Hisense portable air conditioner may help fix most of the common issues you may encounter while using your unit. To restart your Hisense portable air conditioner, power the unit off, then unplug the power cord from its socket. Wait for 30 seconds, and plug the unit back in to power it on.

Your unit should reboot, and potentially fix any glitches, issues, or common problems with your unit. However, simply restarting your air conditioner will not fix a dirty AC, or flip a tripped breaker, which needs to be done manually.

Hisense Portable Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

#1 Check the Error Code

Check the error code flashing on the screen of your portable air conditioner. The code should inform you of the problem with your unit, which you can narrow down by cross-referencing the error code with the owner's manual. Follow the troubleshooting steps that follow to fix the issue with your aircon.

#2 Clean the Air Filter, Drain Line, and Exhaust Hose

Cleaning your AC unit will help fix and prevent common AC issues. Clean the filter, drain line and pan, and exhaust vents thoroughly once every two weeks, or as needed. Portable AC units are relatively small, so they may require more frequent cleaning than wall-mounted or window units.

#3 Have Your Unit Repaired Professionally

Our technicians at Luce Aircon are well-versed in different aircon brands, types, and models across Singapore, so you can be sure we'll find and fix the problem at the root. Having your unit repaired professionally will also prevent any further damage to your unit, and lengthen the lifespan of your AC.

Common Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
0 No Trouble
1 Outdoor Coil Temperature Sensor In Trouble
2 Compressor Temperature Sensor In Trouble
3 Voltage Transformer In Trouble
4 Current Transformer In Trouble
5 Ipm Module Protection
6 Over And Under-Voltage Control
7 Communication Trouble
8 Current Overload Control
9 Maximum Current Control
10 Communication Trouble (Between Outdoor Unit And Driver Unit)
11 Outdoor Eeprom In Trouble
13 Compressor Exhaust Temperature Too High Control
14 Outdoor Ambient Temperature Sensor In Trouble
15 Compressor Housing Temperature Control
16 Antifreeze Or Overload Control
18 Dc Compressor Fails To Start
19 Dc Compressor Out Of Step
33 Room Temperature Sensor In Trouble
34 Indoor Coil Temperature Sensor In Trouble
35 Between Wire Remote Controller And Indoor Unit Communication Trouble
36 Communication Between The Indoor And Outdoor In Trouble
37 Water Over Brimmed The Pump
38 Indoor Eeprom In Trouble
39 Indoor Fan Motor Operation Abnormal
40 Grid Protection Alarm (Cabinet Type)
41 Detecting Failures By Zero-Crossing
F0 Wire Remote Controller Eeprom Failure. Change Wire Remote Controller.
F1 Wire Remote Controller Temperature Sensor Failure. Change Wire Remote Controller.
F2 Wire Remote Controller Clock Ic Failure. Change Wire Remote Controller.
F3 Wire Remote Controller Humidity Sensor Failure. Change Wire Remote Controller.
FE Communication Between Main Control Board and Wiring Remote Controller Fault (Display On Wiring Remote Controller).
ER Communication Between Main Control Board and Display Board Fault.

*See our full list of Hisense air conditioner error codes in our blog.

Maintaining Your Hisense Air Conditioner

For the best portable aircon maintenance, schedule a deep cleaning session with us at Luce Aircon once every 4-6 months. Our chemical wash will remove all traces of dirt and debris, while protecting the components of your AC unit! Contact us for aircon issues as well, and our technicians will find and fix the problem for you.

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