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How Does a Condenser Coil Work in Air Conditioners?

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In this article, we discuss the role of the aircon condenser coil, how it works with the other parts of the air conditioning system, and its task in the cooling process.

How Does An Air Conditioner Condenser Coil Work?

The aircon condenser coil is a place where all the warm air in the air conditioner gets removed. Its main function is to facilitate the heat transfer process to give way for the production of cool air. In other words, the condenser coil is where much of the absorbed heat from your house is transferred and into the open outdoors.

The aircon condenser coil is made up of several tubes that are filled with refrigerant liquid. For it to fully function, a chiller inside the coil cools the fluid and moves through the condenser tubing. Once this process is finished, it’s further converted into gas. Afterwards, the converted gas is distributed throughout the entire cooling system.

After this conversion process is done, the refrigerant then releases the heat and returns to a liquid state. From here, the cycle will continue in a closed system.

If you’re also curious about how a refrigerant vapor works, then looking into a condenser coil closely throughout this process will also show you exactly how. This vapor is usually processed through a cycle of warm trading loop, allowing it to be turned into a fluid and making the heat from the cold indoor zone get dismissed in the process.

From this condenser coil process, the aircon is able to generate cool air and provide the quality cooling that all homeowners and office workers expect.

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