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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

How Often Should You Get an Aircon Gas Top Up Service


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An aircon gas (whether R22 or R410a) refill is a vital component of any air conditioning system. Without it, you can expect your unit to struggle in producing cool air and reaching your desired temperature level.

But just like any other aircon owner, how can you know when it’s time to have yours refilled?

In this article, we’ll show you 7 common factors and scenarios that usually determine how often you should get an aircon gas refill.

7 Factors to Consider Before Getting an Aircon Gas Refill

1. When you no longer get cold air from the unit

If your aircon is starting to falter in terms of cooling performance, then it might be a good time to have the aircon gas refilled. This is the most common sign that the machine is running low on gas, causing it to struggle in giving you cold air.

2. When your aircon starts leaking or dripping water

Is your aircon starting to leak or drip water? This could be a clear indication that the unit is suffering from coolant reduction. When there is air con gas shortage, vaporization will always be incomplete and ineffective. The result? Vapors get converted into water and flow straight outside the air conditioning unit.

However, it’s also worth noting that this problem could be due to broken coils, a busted compressor or even a dirty filter in air conditioners. Make sure to check with an aircon service professional to diagnose the problem and come up with a possible fix.

3. After every inspection and repair of the aircon

Most of the time, air con top up gas procedures can be made alongside monthly or quarterly maintenance and repair. This is a good and standard precaution that every AC owner should practice to keep the air conditioning unit in tip-top shape.

Remember, it’s always recommended to stay one step ahead of any possible problem by scheduling regular maintenance and gas refills.

4. When you continue to experience poor performance from the unit

If you’ve tried troubleshooting every possible fix to solve your air conditioning unit’s poor performance, then maybe it’s time to consider a gas refill. The problem might be directly related to reduced gas levels instead.

You can always consult with a servicing company or a technician to diagnose the issue affecting the air conditioner unit and take it from there.

5. When the aircon switches on and off continuously

Aside from reduced cooling powers, another sign that your AC is running low on gas is if it starts switching on and off by itself. When the gas is properly filled up again, you can expect the system to return to its original performance.

6. When you start seeing ice deposits on coils

Ice deposits on coils is another sign that your aircon might be heading to low-gas territory. When the gas coolant levels are reduced, the coils in your AC are likely to freeze the water vapor. This can result in large deposits of ice inside the unit.

7. When you begin hearing unusual aircon noises

If your aircon starts producing weird and unusual noises and it’s not because of a haunted spirit in your home, call an aircon servicing company right away. There’s a very good chance that your unit is suffering from busted parts or reduced gas coolant levels.

Fast and Easy Gas Top-Up Service in Singapore

If you find yourself experiencing any of the issues above, then you’re most likely in need of an aircon gas refill. For fast, easy and professional aircon top up services in Singapore, give us a call here at Luce Aircon! You can check our gas top up service or you can reach out to any of our AC service experts today by filling out the form down below.

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