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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

How to Clean Air Conditioner Blower Wheel Without Removing

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Blower wheels were made to push air in and out of the air conditioner, which prevents warm air from overheating the system, and cool air from staying stagnant within the unit. When improperly maintained, the blower wheel may break down or malfunction, resulting in a less-than-adequate cooling process.

Your air conditioner may end up overheating or freezing, which leads to more AC unit problems. Cleaning your blower wheel is a must, especially if you use your air conditioner frequently. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of cleaning your AC blower wheel without removing it from the blower assembly.

Effects of an Unmaintained Blower Wheel

  • Overheating AC unit;
  • Freezing air conditioning system;
  • Inadequate air circulation;
  • Restricted air flow;
  • Dusty heat exchanger;
  • Dusty fan blades;
  • Air conditioner is not blowing cool air.

How to Clean AC Blower Wheel Without Removing

Step 1: Open the Air Conditioner Housing

First, shut the power off from the air conditioner. This will prevent any accidental electrocution, and will prevent your fingers from getting stuck in the blower wheel in case the air conditioner is powered on. Open the outdoor unit of the air conditioner where the blower wheel is located, and remove the blower housing.

Step 2: Locate the Blower Motor and Blower Wheel

Locate the blower wheel, and remove any obstructing components. The blower motor, fan blades, and blower wheel are typically bolted down to prevent them from flying everywhere during air conditioner operations. You do not need to unbolt the blower motor components with this cleaning method.

Step 3: Use Compressed Air

Use a can of compressed air, and aim the thin straw-like nozzle in the nooks and crannies of the dirty blower wheel. Spray the wheel with compressed air to loosen the grime that accumulated around it. Avoid spraying the dust towards the air ducts to prevent the dust from entering your home.

Step 4: Vacuum Up the Debris

Take your vacuum cleaner, and vacuum up the dirt and dust coming out of the dirty blower wheel. Use a shop vac for this cleaning method as household vacuum cleaners do not typically have a strong enough suction power to remove grime from the blower motor. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to scrub out any remaining grime.

If your vacuum cleaner does not have a brush attachment, use a small, curved brush to clean out the hard-to-reach areas of your blower wheel, as well as the blower motor, and the fan blades. 

Step 5: Use a Cleaning Solution

This step is optional, but recommended. There are some no-rinse cleaning solutions that you can safely spray around your blower wheel to wash away dust and debris. Use this on your blower wheel to remove deep-seated dirt, stubborn debris, and more without having to remove the wheel.

You can use a soft cloth to wipe the cleaning solution on the exterior of the wheel, blower motor, and fan blades as well to completely remove the dust and grime from these components. Do not oversaturate the cloth with a cleaning solution, and use a curved handle to reach nooks and crannies.

Step 6: Let Everything Dry, and Assemble

Let everything dry, and assemble the outdoor unit back together. Restore the power back onto your air conditioning system, and power it on to test your cleaned AC blower. You should notice that the AC unit has increased efficiency in maintaining a proper air flow around the room.

How to Keep Your Blower Wheel Maintained

The blower wheel is one of the components in an air conditioner that can easily break down, costing you replacement parts. Maintaining your blower wheel will help prolong the useful life of the blower assembly, as well as the entire air conditioning unit.

Keep your AC blower fan in good condition with our air conditioner cleaning and maintenance services at Luce Aircon. Our technicians are well-experienced in the upkeep of HVAC systems, and can repair or replace faulty blower fans too!

Give us a call to know more about how you can keep your air conditioner maintained! 

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