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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

How to Clean Your Aircon in 5 DIY Ways - Easy Way to Save!

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A lot of people think that air conditioners can last months — or even years — without ever needing proper cleaning and maintenance. While this may be true, the units are also likely to gather large volumes of dust, dirt, and grime over time — leaving you with dirty air, low cooling, and other performance-related issues.

While most home and business owners would rather leave the job to the professionals, there are also a few simple ways to do DIY aircon cleaning that will save you money and ensure your air conditioner unit is in tip-top shape.

1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The simplest way to clean your air conditioner unit is by using a vacuum cleaner. While this isn’t ideal for a deep and thorough clean, it’s sufficient enough for doing simple surface cleaning. It’s also perfect for dusting and cleaning the internal parts of the system without dismantling them entirely. 

To do this, simply run a handheld vacuum cleaner over the surface of the air conditioner unit, specifically the ducts, filters, evaporator coils, pipes, and fans. The ducts, in particular, need special attention, as bigger build-up will require a more thorough cleaning by a professional.

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For best results, maintain a regular vacuum cleaning schedule every two months. This will make your efforts more effective and efficient in the long run.

2. Use an Air Compressor

If you want to step up your DIY aircon cleaning game, purchasing an air compressor with a nozzle at the end is a great alternative to using a vacuum cleaning machine. 

Although a vacuum cleaner is generally more accessible, an air compressor will clean the internal components of the air conditioning unit with much more precision, blowing away dirt and debris in hard-to-reach areas.

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3. Clean with Chemicals

If you haven’t done routine maintenance in a while, chances are the debris build-up on your unit will be no match for a vacuum or an air compressor. When that happens, you’ll need to resort to chemical cleaning.

Chemical cleaning or washing is the only way to get any corrosive material, deep-seated dirt, mold, and other toxic gunk off the internal parts of your air conditioner unit. But before you even get started, you will need to gently dismantle the AC’s parts first for proper and direct cleaning.

Whether it’s the casing, the filters, or any detachable part, have a go on each one by immersing them in a gentle chemical solution. For pipes and other parts of the unit that can’t be separated or dismantled, they can be cleaned by flushing the chemical solution on them and gently wiping them away.

A good chemical clean procedure will prevent mold growth and enhance indoor air quality by improving the airflow performance and cooling efficiency of your aircon unit.

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Here at Luce Aircon, we provide two types of chemical cleaning: chemical wash and chemical overhaul. The difference is that chemical wash only involves partial dismantling of parts while overhaul needs full dismantling of the unit.

4. Change the Filter

If you want to keep your aircon clean and in great shape all the time, focus on the filters. Often overlooked by most aircon owners, filters are actually a key component of any air conditioner unit. Thus, cleaning and changing them is a basic but extremely important part of aircon maintenance.

Why? Filters eliminate dust, bacteria, and allergens from the air you breathe. A neglected filter can breed mold and fungi, which, when exposed to your respiratory system, can cause serious illness. Cleaning your filters every two weeks should not only circumvent any health risks but also ensure the efficacy and longevity of your unit.

How to clean aircon filters? First, you will need to remove the unit’s main casing. Afterward, detach the filter and wipe it with a cloth before running it under water and cleansing it with a mild soap. Dry off the filter completely before re-attaching it to the unit.

For worn-out filters, it’s always best to get new replacements to prevent inflicting any strain on your unit. You may also want to invest in a quality filter, as basic filters can get rid of dust and bacteria, but higher-quality filters can remove allergens and other harmful airborne toxins as well.

5. Clear the Drain

Clearing the drain is one of the easiest things to do for DIY aircon cleaning. It’s also immensely important—a backed-up drain could lead to mold growth in the unit and water damage to the ceiling and walls. Fortunately, the drain only needs to be vacuumed annually.

For a more thorough cleaning, buy a cap from the hardware store to place on the end of the drain. Then, locate the end of the drain outside and clear it using a dry vacuum, sucking out all the dirt and debris. Remove the cap when done.

Fast and Easy Professional Aircon Cleaning Done Right

When it comes to keeping your air conditioner clean, regular maintenance is key. But while anyone is capable of DIY aircon cleaning, it’s still important to practice caution when dismantling the AC unit from its parts or handling chemicals.

On the other hand, if you want fast, easy, and professional AC services, leave it to us here at Luce Aircon! Our friendly team of aircon service technicians and experts will make sure that your unit gets the cleaning action that it deserves in no time. See our full range of aircon services here.

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