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How to Repair Panasonic Aircon Timer Light Blinking

Panasonic Troubleshooting

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Panasonic is one of the best aircon brands you can find in Singapore today. Many homeowners and office workers have chosen the brand because of its great, affordable and high-powered lineup of aircon units. But just like any brand, Panasonic aircon units can also run into different types of problems. One of these include the timer light blinking problem — a common yet simple issue affecting different aircon owners today.

So what does this issue usually mean and how can you troubleshoot the problem? In this article, we give you the 5 different ways to repair a Panasonic Aircon timer blinking problem.

5 Helpful Ways to Repair Your Blinking Panasonic Aircon Timer Light

1. Check all parts in the aircon system

Before you even narrow down into a specific aircon part, take a quick look at all parts in the aircon system. A quick inspection of the entire unit should give you a good idea of what is possibly causing the blinking light problem.

Make sure to pay attention to any unusual noise, unfastened part or anything out of the ordinary that can spell trouble for the air conditioner.

If you’re unsure of where to start, simply refer to the user manual to guide you through each part. The manual is also an important companion when disassembling and reassembling the unit.

2. Clean the aircon filter

A dirty aircon filter is often considered the culprit behind leaking and cooling issues but it can also be what’s causing the light blinking problem in your Panasonic unit.

When you have a filter filled with dirt, the aircon experiences a number of performance-related issues. This, coupled with other internal and external factors, can only worsen how the aircon delivers the cool your into your room.

To prevent this from happening, simply perform regular maintenance on the filter by cleaning it regularly. After a quarter has passed, you should also consider getting a new replacement.

3. Inspect the wiring and connection system

Light blinking problems in air conditioner units can also be due to a faulty and incorrect wiring system.

To perform a quick check, simply remove the casing of your aircon unit and inspect the wires and cables inside the aircon system. Ensure that all these connections are properly placed with no damages and issues.

If you happen to stumble into a broken or open wire, have it replaced by calling the Panasonic service center, an electrician or an aircon technician right away.

4. Check the thermostat

A faulty thermostat not only reduces the cooling performance of your aircon unit; having this issue can also be the reason why your aircon light keeps on blinking all day.

To check for a broken thermostat, simply do a quick test by enabling its features on. If you find that everything works, then the issue may be due to other reasons instead. However, if there’s something amiss, then it’s best to have it checked by any Panasonic service center or an aircon expert right away.

5. Pay attention to the remote control

Your air conditioner’s remote control can be a great indicator of any problem causing the lights to blink. Most of the time, the aircon will send signals in the form of error codes or messages to the remote, letting you know if there’s anything you need to fix right away.

Apart from giving you warnings, the remote control can also provide you with helpful tips to make sure you don’t experience the same problem again. This is a helpful feature that allows you to maintain your aircon’s performance and quality.

If you’re having difficulty reading these symbols or messages, check the user manual. You can also give Panasonic’s support center a call to help you with any aircon-related inquiries you may have.

Getting the Most Out of Your Panasonic Aircon

If you’re experiencing any trouble with your Panasonic Aircon, give us a call here at Luce Aircon! Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about our full range of aircon repair and maintenance services for all leading aircon brands in Singapore.

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