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Luce Aircon Ranked One of the Best Aircon Servicing Companies in Singapore By Several “Best Of” Lists

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Luce Aircon is consistently ranked as one of the best local aircon servicing experts in several “best of” lists by Singaporean review websites.

These lists, which consist of leading air conditioning repair and maintenance companies in Singapore, factor in quality service, client satisfaction, and scope of aircon services offered.

As a highly rated aircon expert in the country, this recognition allows us to continue our mission of providing excellent services that address every aircon need of our clients at an affordable price.

As Seen On

1. Finest Services

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Singapore’s Finest is a trusted review platform that chooses the best and most reliable businesses in the country. These categories include beauty and wellness, food and beverage, lifestyle, and household services.

2. Best in Singapore badge

Best in Singapore is a leading review website that helps Singaporeans find the best things in the country. Their lists and rankings are created to feature well-researched tips and services that improve the quality of life of every reader.

Our Services

Luce Aircon offers general aircon servicing and repair, installation, chemical wash and overhaul, gas top-up and many more. With our friendly team of aircon professionals and expert lineup of services, we are here to solve all of your aircon problems in an instant.

Call or message us today to book an appointment or a free consultation.

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