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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Window AC


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Installing an aircon is not an easy task. Numerous factors must be taken into account. For instance, in the case of a split air conditioning system, the outdoor unit must be placed in a location that is not exposed to high rain, sun, and wind. Similarly, window units should be installed at least 3-4 feet above the ground. Moreover, due to the tilt in the Earth's axis, the North is considered to be the best direction to install an aircon. These are essential considerations that directly or indirectly affect the performance and life of the unit.

If you are planning to install one, here are a few mistakes you should avoid making.

5 Mistakes to Avoid During Window AC Installation

1. Choosing the wrong size

What's the right aircon for your home? The answer to this question depends on the space that needs to be cooled. Many people wrongly believe that the bigger the aircon, the better it will cool a space. Large aircons are not the right choice for small rooms. First, since they turn on and off frequently to maintain room temperature, they consume way more electricity than a small air-conditioner. Second, an overtly big unit fails at maintaining the right humidity and temperature levels inside a room. Thus, selecting the right size of an aircon is of utmost importance.

2. Choosing the wrong weight distribution

This is a mistake that most window aircon owners make. While installing a window unit at home, people do not take into account the maximum weight that a window can support without getting damaged. This mistake often leads to the window sash and the window getting damaged. The ideal way to install a window aircon is to place it either on a wooden plank or L-brackets to distribute its weight evenly.

3. Choosing the wrong window

Other than selecting the right-sized air-conditioner, it is also essential to choose the right window for installation. There are a few ground rules here. First, the window should not have direct exposure to the sunlight. Second, the window must have a power board close to it.

4. Not sealing the area around the aircon

In case of window aircons, the window must be kept open at all times. In the absence of proper sealing or insulation, the air from outside can quickly enter a room, making the work of an aircon more difficult. An insulating foam is an ideal material for creating insulation. The packaging of almost all of these cooling machines include an insulating foam that can be resized to meet specific requirements. If the foam is proving to be inefficient, consider installing insulation panels.

5. Improper installation of the aircon unit

Improper installation is a mistake that can be easily avoided. Yet it isn't uncommon to see improper installation issues. While installing an aircon, a few things must be greatly taken care of. First, the air conditioning unit must have ample support. The ideal way to do this is to use angles and brackets. Second, cooling a room involves removing humidity in the form of water. Several aircon servicing providers believe that aircons must be installed at an angle to facilitate the flow of this water. The truth is all air conditioners come equipped with internal channels and gutters that take care of the condensed water. Titling the unit isn't necessary. As a matter of fact, installing a unit at a tilted angle can lead to unwarranted problems.

Maximize your AC Performance and Lifespan

Aircon installation may seem like an easy task, but it isn't one. Improper installation can lead to unwanted damages to an aircon unit and, thus, unwarranted additional costs. Several important factors must be considered before installing an air-conditioner. It is, therefore, a good idea to hire an aircon servicing expert to do the job for your home or office. 

If you are looking for the right aircon servicing and installation, our team of professionally licensed aircon experts at Luce can help. Trained and equipped with safety measures and industry procedures, you can only expect the best home and office service for all of your aircon servicing needs. 

Our Luce aircon servicing experts will not just install your aircon units, but will also guide you regarding the suitability of specific air conditioning machines in specific rooms. They will also advise you with important and easy tips on what you can do to improve the lifespan of your machine.

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