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VRV or VRF Air Conditioning System: What's the Difference?


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It’s no longer a surprise how people usually consider the VRV system and VRF system as two different types of HVAC systems. After all, on paper, both seem to stand for two unique technologies. So why not, right? But the truth is, they are actually more similar in more ways than one.

In this article, we’re clearing all the confusions that you may have about the two systems — what they are and where exactly they differ from each other.

What’s the Difference Between VRV and VRF?

To start off, both air conditioning systems are essentially the same in terms of type, function and features.

VRV or “Variable Refrigerant Volume," is an HVAC system founded, developed and copyrighted by leading aircon manufacturer Daikin in the 1980s. Other aircon manufacturers, meanwhile, use VRF or “Variable Refrigerant Flow” for their competing HVAC systems. That’s right, both systems are only distinguished by name.

When it comes to both VRV and VRF, the only coolant material present is the refrigerant — making it the only one responsible for cooling the water that circulates throughout the entire system.

The system will also have several inverter compressors that are responsible for lowering power consumption. There are also a couple of air handling units that are attached to the same refrigerant circuit. This system allows for the modular expansion of AC units for every space.

In essence, the input of these systems are largely influenced by the outside temperature and dictated by the user’s desired temperature. The VRV or VRF system then receives the data and proceeds to work on providing the closest and most comfortable temperature for the user and the space — all while keeping the power consumption in control.

What Are the Benefits of VRV/VRF Systems

So now that we’ve set the record straight about the VRV and VRF systems, it’s now time to discuss the many benefits of both:

  1. Any room’s temperature will be automatically determined by the systems themselves. The result? All air conditioners connected to either of the two systems will easily provide ideal temperatures for a more comfortable and cool environment.
  1. These systems are very ideal for cities and locations with constant temperature changes and alternating weather conditions. The technology of both systems also allow them to control and adjust the temperature themselves, making it easier for the users inside the space.
  1. Both systems are highly efficient and can save power and energy throughout their usage. This is largely due to the automatic features and control options located inside the systems that keep the electrical consumption in check.

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