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What Causes Condensation in Your Aircon Trunking and How to Fix It

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Aircon trunking is a piece of casing that covers the unit’s electrical cables, PVC pipes, copper conduits, and other unsightly components to preserve the aesthetic of your home and walls. Because of its function and purpose, trunking is considered to be an essential part of any aircon regardless of size and type. It’s a protective layer that also doubles as an aesthetic piece of casing. Without it, your unit is possible to encounter problems in the long run.

So when aircon condensation — or the process of excess water and moisture build-up in the unit — strikes any piece of trunking, it can result in a messy sight. In this article, we discuss the possible reasons behind aircon condensation and what you can do to fix them.

3 Common Reasons Behind AC Trunking Condensation

1. Poor insulation

One of the common causes of aircon trunking condensation is poor insulation. This happens when the insulation of the trunking is not thick enough to protect it from excess moisture or water build-up.

When an aircon gets installed in a room, it should have sufficient insulation to prevent any cases of trunking condensation. This is often the responsibility of the servicing company or technician performing the installation.

While there is no quick DIY solution to this problem, you can have it fixed by seeking professional help to upgrade the trunking’s insulation quality. Make sure the service doing the upgrade uses high-quality materials to ensure its longevity and resistance to condensation.

2. Poorly installed trunk

A poorly installed trunk can also be the culprit behind condensation in your aircon trunking. Like in the case of poor insulation, this problem stems from poor practices done during the installation process.

So what should you do when confronted with this issue? The best solution is to perform another re-installment process of the trunking by a qualified aircon professional or company. During the re-installation, make sure that only fine-grade materials will be used and that each corner will be properly installed. Ensuring high-quality installation practices is key in preventing any cases of condensation in the future.

3. Trap floor blockages

If your insulation and installation process is fine, then you might be dealing with a blockage on the trap floor. The trap floor is where any moisture build-up gets drained out into the open. So when water droplets begin building and collecting, blockages can form on the trap floor and result in a massive clog.

What makes the whole thing complicated is that, since the aircon’s pipes are trunked, it’s very difficult to remove the blockage yourself and thus can only be done by an aircon professional. So if you are experiencing this issue, it’s best to contact an aircon servicing company to do the unclogging and reinstalling for you.

The Bottomline

Preventing condensation in your aircon trunking can be easily done by meticulous planning and choosing a reputable air conditioner servicing company to do the installation.

If you’re currently dealing with trunking and condensation problems in your unit, give us a call here at Luce Aircon! We offer the full scope of installation, repair and maintenance services to ensure that you get the most out of your air conditioner unit.

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