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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

Air Conditioning 101: What Does the AC Blower Motor Do?

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Air conditioners make life at home or at the office more comfortable as it cools the space during hot summer days. AC units blow cool air into the room, and expel the warm air outside to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors.

To blow the air into the space, blower motors are used to run the fans that redirect cold air indoors. In this article, you'll read all about blower motors, and their uses in an air conditioning unit.

What is a Blower Motor?

Blower motors are located in the indoor units of air conditioning systems. They are the indoor counterparts of condenser fan motors that work to cool the room indoors. Where condenser fan motors blow hot air out of the space through the outdoor unit, blower motors work indoors to deliver cool air as it runs the fans that direct the cold air into the room.

Simply put, the blower motor is what activates the fan blades to blow air into the room during the cooling process. Blower motors include the motor belt, which rotates depending on the fan speeds set on the thermostat of the HVAC system.

There are different types of blower motors, from the single speed motor that works in one fan speed, to the variable speed blower motor that can be set to different fan speeds to reach the desired temperature in the room. Regardless of the type of blower motor you have for your unit, routine maintenance will help avoid common problems with your HVAC system.

The Importance of the Blower Motor

1. Blows Cold Air Out of the Air Conditioning System

The blower motor is what runs the fans. As such, they redirect the air that flows out of your unit into the room. Without the blower motor, the air will stay trapped inside the unit, leading to a number of air conditioner problems from frozen AC units, to overheating air conditioners.

2. Prevents Frozen AC Units

Condenser fans extract heat from the cooling process, forcing it out of the unit through the heat pump. This can make the air conditioner freezing cold inside, and trapping the cooled air in the unit doesn't help! Blower motors blow the cold air out of the unit, preventing a frozen air conditioner.

Diagnosing a Faulty Blower Motor

#1 Air Conditioner Making a Humming, Whirring, or Clunking Noise

A strange noise coming from your HVAC system may be coming from the blower motor. Motors can fail and malfunction, creating strange sounds similar to loud humming or whirring noises. Clunking noise is mostly attributed to debris and broken fan blades, but may also appear when a blower motor fails.

#2 AC Unit is Not Blowing Air

Knowing what a blower motor is helps to narrow down issues with your air conditioner. A worn out blower motor resistor won't be able to provide enough current to power up the blower motor, cutting the energy consumption of the motor from the power source. When this happens, your HVAC system can't release the conditioned air into the room.

#3 Air Conditioning System is Freezing Up

When the HVAC system can't blow the conditioned air into the room, it traps the cool air inside the unit, causing condensate on the evaporator coils to freeze. Your air conditioner may also leak water indoors as the ice thaws.

For any problems with the blower motor, it is always best to have a professional HVAC technician assess and fix the problem for you. At Luce Aircon, we prioritize your air quality and cooling comfort as our technicians provide only top-quality services for all your aircon needs!

Convenient AC Services in Singapore

Luce Aircon is your trusted partner in all things air conditioner! Whether you have single speed blower motors, or variable speed motors, our technicians will be able to fix your air conditioner blower motor for any problems.

In need of a replacement? Our HVAC professionals can recommend you motors for any heating and air conditioning system! We can scout for a single speed motor or a variable speed motor at moderate prices, giving your AC unit another chance to function properly.

Got problems with your cooler or heater blower motor? Contact us at Luce Aircon for full-on air conditioning services!

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