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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

Air Conditioning 101: What Does an AC Duct Do?

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Air conditioners provide a comfortable cooling or heating capacity in the home, and central air conditioners are great for delivering comfortable temperatures to different rooms. Air passes through the air ducts, delivering the air throughout the space.

What is an Air Duct?

An air duct is what connects the air vents of your home to the HVAC system, and redirects the cooled or heated air throughout the different rooms. Air ducts are often located within the walls of the home, where they are kept out of sight, and operate in the background. However, some air duct systems may be installed in visible space.

Air ducts are present in most homes, offices, and commercial spaces as these regulate airflow around the space, and can promote better air quality when properly maintained. Problems that arise with air ducts stem from dirt and debris accumulating in the air duct system, which can be inhaled by individuals as wind carries dust around the air ducts.

Maintaining a proper cleaning schedule is essential to the upkeep of air ducts, and will prevent further damages to the HVAC system as well. Dust accumulation can create a number of problems for the heating and cooling system, which is why it is important to remove dirt and debris from the air handler.

The Importance of an Air Duct System

The air ducts are what delivers the heated or cooled air into the home from the HVAC system, and is therefore important in providing a heating and cooling comfort to your home. Air ducts connect the HVAC system to the air vents, which allows the air conditioning system to blow air into the room.

Air ducts are not only important for comfort, but they are also much-needed in spaces with inadequate air circulation as air ducts may also redirect air outside through the air vents. This process promotes healthier air quality, and regulates the humidity levels, pressure, and temperature of the air in a space.

Determining When to Do Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts rarely break down as they are made to be durable. They can, however, easily accumulate dirt and grime that can be passed through the air being inhaled, so it is important to maintain a proper air duct cleaning schedule. Dirty air duct systems can cause indoor air quality problems, leading to respiratory problems.

#1 Air Ducts are Visibly Dusty/ Clogged Air Ducts

Check your air vents from time to time, and see whether there is visible dust on them. Visible dust on the air vents indicates that the air ducts have accumulated dust, which is now being redirected into the room. This is especially concerning if you clean the vents regularly, but they continue to accumulate visible specks of dust - it indicates that the air ducts are grimey.

#2 Air Ducts are Making Noises

When the air ducts are making loud noises, such as clanking, buzzing, or whirring noises, it can mean that there are blockages in the duct system causing the noise. This is most common with metal ducts as the sound tends to amplify through the vents, but can happen with any duct system. Have the air ducts cleaned to prevent further damage.

#3 Pest Problem

Got pests like rodents and roaches in your home? You may need to clean the air ducts more often than you think! Air ducts provide a safe and hidden passageway for pests to travel through, and these pests leave behind food scraps, debris, and droppings that can be harmful when inhaled. Schedule a pest control service, as well as an air duct cleaning service.

How to Maintain HVAC Air Ducts

#1 Frequent Cleaning

Like HVAC systems, air duct systems need routine cleaning and maintenance from time to time. Have your air duct system cleaned at least once every 4 to 6 months for optimal air quality - a schedule similar to the cleaning of the HVAC system.

#2 General Maintenance

General maintenance of heating and cooling systems may sometimes include maintenance of the air duct systems. This is because the air ducts are considered part of the entire HVAC system, and it is important to maintain cleanliness and functionality for these components.

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