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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

What is an Aircon Controller and What Are Its Different Functions?

Aircon Modes

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Over the years AC controllers have grown to become more advanced, complex and technical. By incorporating the newest advancements in the air-conditioning industry, these AC remote controllers are able to evolve along with the air conditioner units that they act in close tandem with. These days, the usual window or split air conditioner comes equipped with an equally capable air-conditioning remote control. That’s why when the two come together, one can expect a pleasant and feature-rich AC experience to ensue.

With these advancements in the air-conditioner remote control, sometimes the simple act of using it can prove to be quite confusing and overwhelming for the average AC user. But not to worry, the AC remote is a handy device that one should always be comfortable with using. In this article, we will discuss some of the typical air conditioner remote controller functions so you can better understand the device the next time you lay your hands on it.

What Are The Common Functions of an Air Conditioner Remote Control

  1. It controls the AC compressor by turning it on and off - One of the common functions of an aircon controller is it gives you the ability to switch on or off the aircon compressor by way of aircon temperature settings or modes. For example, if the aircon is on cool mode, the AC compressor will automatically be turned on. On the other hand, if your aircon is using the fan mode, then the compressor can be turned off as the unit won’t require it for maximum cooling.
  1. It controls the AC/DC inverter compressor - Being able to control an AC or DC inverter aircon compressor is another function present in an AC controller. But since these are inverter compressors, they are only found in and exclusive to AC and DC inverter units.
  1. It controls a wide selection of different aircon modes - The AC remote also contains a host of different mode buttons that all contribute to how an aircon operates — from temperature levels to cooling intensity. A standard AC remote would usually contain the cool mode, heat mode, dry mode, auto mode, and the fan mode. The cool mode is the default setting that you can turn to if you want to experience cool air at a much faster rate. On the other hand, you can choose the heat mode if you’re in a generally cold area and want to increase the temperature in a room. The dry mode is essentially another variation of the cool mode that allows the compressor to cycle on and off in order to remove moisture and humidity in a room. The auto mode, meanwhile, instructs the fan to run when your unit needs to cool or heat a room. Lastly, the fan mode is commonly used by AC users who want to achieve minimal cooling in order to save energy and electricity.
  1. It offers economy or sleep mode to help save energy and electricity - Apart from the standard aircon modes, the AC remote also gives you the option to put the unit on an energy-saving feature. More widely known as the sleep mode, this setting allows the aircon to double down on its performance by regulating the cool temperature in increments. Since this is usually used at nighttime, the occupants aren’t able to distinguish these changes as they are usually fast asleep, making way for a more comfortable sleep and added savings in electricity bills.
  1. It allows you to control your AC’s fan speed - Generally classified under the high, medium and low levels, the remote also allows users to personally choose the speed of a unit’s fan. Additionally, you can also choose the Auto mode in your air conditioner remote control for a more intuitive and intelligent fan speed.
  1. It gives you the ability to set a timer and turn on or off your AC - Most AC units and air con remote control devices are equipped with a timer that allows you to turn them on and off. For example, if you plan to use your air conditioner for only 5 hours while sleeping at night, then setting a timer to have it turned off after a few hours can help you save power and electricity.
  1. It has an auto random restart feature that you can use in case of a power failure - The auto random restart feature enables you to retain the settings in your air conditioner unit in the event of a sudden power failure. This helps you restart to your most recent air conditioner settings once power is restored. Additionally, it will also power up the aircon compressor almost simultaneously. 
  1. It can direct the aircon to create and release negative ions to collect dust - The ionizer feature is now a common feature present in most air conditioners in the market. If your AC has a built-in ionizer feature, then you can turn this on using your AC remote control. Almost immediately, the unit will begin producing negative ions using electricity into the air to attract positively charged ions in a room such as dust particles, pollen, and other invisible contaminants.
  1. It can control the air louver function in your unit - The air louver or the air swing function in an air conditioner helps direct the airflow in the direction of your choice. You can change this by looking for the air swing function in your aircon remote control and setting it to the direction that you want through the arrow navigations.

Maximizing Your AC’s Performance

To better maximize your AC unit, you need to be familiar with the basic functions of an aircon remote control. Although this may seem a bit confusing at first, you should get the hang of it with repeated usage and trials! Knowing how to operate your AC effectively can allow the unit to perform efficiently, allowing you to avoid unwanted repairs and high maintenance costs.

But apart from being knowledgeable of these aircon essentials, it’s also important to know when to get regular maintenance and check-ups for your unit. For quality maintenance and repairs for every major AC brand in Singapore, contact us at Luce Aircon. Our team of highly skilled AC technicians are here to assist you for all your air conditioner needs. With our honest pricing, we ensure that your home, office, or business will receive the best service, for the best price.

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