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What is an Aircon Filter and How Often to Change It?

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The aircon filter is one of the most important parts of an air conditioner. It’s responsible for blocking out any dirt or debris that can potentially enter your space through the air you breathe. Thus, it’s highly recommended that it gets regular and thorough cleaning every few months — keeping you extra safe from harmful pathogens and air pollutants at home or at the office.

In this article, we’ll walk you through what exactly an aircon filter does and the common signs that indicate it’s time to clean it along with the benefits of doing it, and how often you should change it.

What is an Aircon Filter?

The aircon filter is responsible for removing and blocking out harsh and solid air contaminants such as smoke, pollen, dust, and grease. The filter is specifically designed to ensure clean and pure air quality for the air conditioning unit’s occupants.

In a nutshell, without an aircon filter, unwanted dirt, dust and grime can make their way into your room or office easily, resulting in a number of health-related problems and air conditioning unit performance issues.

4 Common Signs Your Aircon Filter Needs Cleaning

1. You start getting allergies and health-related illnesses

Clean filtered air should never make your skin react badly. So if your skin starts showing different allergies or other types of irritation, it may be a good indicator that your aircon filter needs immediate cleaning or even replacement. Aside from allergies, this also applies to common illnesses such as the cough, cold or even flu.

2. Reduced cooling and ventilation

Is your air conditioning unit falling short of your cooling or even warming expectations? Then you might be dealing with a dirty and clogged aircon filter. To find out, simply take a good look at your aircon filter — you will immediately see if there’s a build-up of dust and any unfiltered elements that may be blocking the passage of air.

If this is the problem, then the only way to solve it is by cleaning or having it replaced. Begin by opening the casing of the air conditioning unit. Afterwards, remove dirt from the filter by washing and scrubbing it gently with dishwashing soap and clean water. A clean or brand new air conditioning filter will guarantee you a dramatic difference in air production, temperature control and your air conditioning unit's maximum efficiency and performance.

3. Your electricity bill starts spiking up

A dirty air conditioning filter will not only give you health-related problems, it will also lead to higher electricity bills for your pocket. As more dirt and dust particles get trapped in the filter, your aircon uses more energy and power in order to give you quality air. The result? The electricity consumption also goes up and all trickles into more expensive electricity rates every minute.

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So if you want to save more money on electricity bill every month and avoid bigger aircon problems down the line, start by cleaning the aircon filter. For best results, you can always seek the professional help of air conditioning service experts and technicians.

4. Aircon performance issues are happening often

A dirty aircon filter left uncleaned for a long period of time can result in a number of performance issues for the unit. This includes reduced cooling, dirty air production, air conditioning unit noise and even a total breakdown due to overexertion. That’s why if you start experiencing any of these signs, make sure to set a cleaning schedule or even a replacement for the air conditioning filter right away.

How Often Should You Change the Aircon Filter?

Cleaning an aircon filter is one thing, but learning to do it a number of times in a year is another. Here are easy-to-remember tips that you can follow to keep aircon filters clean and your unit to continue performing well:

1. Every 3 Months

For best results, we recommended changing and cleaning aircon filters every three months. In a tropical country like Singapore, it is very easy for the volume of dust and dirt to build up inside your unit due to the warm weather. Thus, cleaning or changing these filters every quarter is a good measure to keep it and the unit in good condition.

2. After Every Haze Period in Singapore

The problem of haze pollution is a recurring phenomenon in Singapore. This atmospheric event brings in high volumes of dust, smoke, and other dry particulates that can make it harder for people to see things and even breathe properly. In this period, dust and other dirty particles can easily make their way into the aircon and inside the filter.

Thus, it’s always necessary to make a regular schedule of cleaning your aircon and the filter after every haze period in the country.  Sticking to this schedule will help you get rid of the harsh impurities that can potentially infect your skin and other health-related problems that can plague your home through the filter.

3. Recommendation of Professional Aircon Servicing Experts

While changing and cleaning your aircon filter is an easy task that can be done by almost anyone, it’s still highly recommended that you get an aircon servicing expert to ensure the proper requirements and safety measures are being met in a professional manner.

If this is your first time enlisting the professional opinion of aircon technicians, don’t fret. The process for this is quite easy and all designed to make your entire experience convenient and hassle-free. A lot of aircon servicing companies in Singapore offer free consultation via hotline or email so you can express your concern before even deciding to schedule an appointment.

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Pro tip: During the appointment, you can also take the opportunity to ask the aircon technicians for their recommended advice on how often you should clean or replace your air con filter and the unit’s other parts.

Your Trusted Aircon Service Expert in Singapore

The practice of cleaning and changing the aircon filter regularly can give you and your aircon unit a lot of wonders in the long run. From comfortable cooling temperatures to cleaner air quality and longer unit lifespan, these benefits can improve your overall air conditioning and health experience.

If you want a fast, easy and professional aircon filter cleaning service, give us a call or message us here at Luce Aircon! Our friendly aircon experts are here to help you with any of your air conditioning system problems or requirements. Book an appointment with us today.

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