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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

What is Enzyme Cleaning?


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Summary: Enzyme Cleaning vs. Chemical Cleaning vs. Chemical Overhaul

In case your aircon is very dirty then you must clean it so that it may only function well but be able to serve you for a longer period. There’re so many methods which you can use in cleaning your aircon some of the best 3 methods for intensive and deep cleaning as highlighted below:

  • Chemical cleaning which takes about 60 minutes and is suitable for moderately contaminated aircon coils but it can be slightly harmful to your coil after a certain amount of time.
  • Enzyme cleaning which takes about 60 minutes is recommended for a safe and environmentally friendly method, especially for moderately contaminated coils.
  • Chemical overhaul which takes about 1 hour and is recommended for as an effective method for use in comprehensive contaminated coils.

Chemical Cleaning

You will not be required to unmount your aircon from the wall when you’re performing chemical cleaning. Chemical cleaning process needs mist spray a pressurized stream so that it can penetrate and be able to loosen the dirt, grease and grime. After this, you will be required to use clean water in removing chemicals from the aircon coils and in that process, you will be able to remove the loosened dirt and dust particles from the coils.

The products which are used in this case is a blend of inhibitors, surface active agents, non-ionic penetrants and powerful cleaners which are formulated such that they can melt away the oil deposits. They will also able to dissolve the scale from the heat transfer surfaces, for instance, those found at air conditioning units, boilers and other kinds of heat exchangers.

The chemical cleaning process on the aircon is very cost effective and famously used by residential and commercial aircon systems. Experts recommend that you use this kind of cleaning method since it’s very cost effective in case your coil in lightly contaminated or it’s difficult to remove the coil. However, in case your aircon unit is heavily contaminated then you can consider using an overhaul process.

Enzyme Cleaning

In this case, the professionals will use enzyme solution which takes about one hour for a single aircon unit. It’s recommended that you use an enzyme cleaning method in case you’re not able to unmount completely your unit so that you can overhaul the entire unit. Although chemical cleaning can do as effective as enzyme cleaning. When it comes to using chemicals, it’s recommended that you unmount the unit so that you can use a large amount of water in washing off chemical for safety reasons. This is good especially if your pets or children are very sensitive to chemical or alkaline particles.

Enzymes are the obvious things which are part of our lives They’re usually found in all living things and life can be difficult without them. Enzymes are catalysts which accelerate the speed of natural reactions. In many cases, they either accelerate or start an existing process. Any time that a process needs to be transformed or removed into another substance, then enzymes is what you need. Enzymes also play an important role in our body by assisting in digestion of food which is then converted into energy.

Enzymes are effective and all natural way of achieving your specific target of cleaning. Enzymes are environmentally friendly, therefore they can assist in the cleaning of toxic substances from your aircon.

Chemical Overhaul

This’s one of the most effective and comprehensive processes that you can use in removing impurities for instance grime, fungi and mould. When your aircon is dirty you will be able to detect a foul smell once you switch it on. Other symptoms can be traced through visual inspection by a technician. The process of dismantling the entire fan unit so that you can allow the chemical solution to soak and penetrate into the coil usually takes about 1 ? hour for one coil unit. One of the benefits of the chemical overhaul method is that it guarantees a cleaner coil but will allow the technician to use a lot of water spray in removing all the chemical and contaminants from the coil so that you can live in a safer and cleaner environment. Your fan coils will stay cleaner for a longer period if you get chemical overhaul for your aircon.

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