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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

What is the Auto Mode in Your Aircon and When to Use It?

Aircon Modes

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What's in the article?

When it comes to the most commonly used air conditioner modes, the auto mode is a usual crowd favorite. Peek into any air conditioner display or remote control and you can always expect to see it turned on.

But unlike the simple and standard cool and dry modes, people are surprisingly still having a hard time knowing what it actually does. If you consider yourself one of them, don’t worry — we've all been there!

In this article, we’ll take you through the main function of an aircon auto mode, its benefits, and when’s the best time for you to flip it on.

How Does the Auto Mode Work?

Turning on the auto mode in your air conditioner simply means that the unit’s fan is only going to start running when it needs to either cool or heat the room to your desired temperature. To make this happen, the fan will use varying speeds to give you the closest cooling or heating effect that you want to have.

Using this air conditioner mode is also very easy — you just have to press the mode’s button on the remote control or the unit’s panel display. Then, depending on the temperature that you want for your room, the machine will start speeding up or slowing down until it’s reached.

When Should You Use It?

The good thing about the auto mode is that it can be used for almost every possible weather and climate. Since it’s specifically designed to operate between cold or warm room temperatures, you will have an easy time using it whether it’s winter or summer.

For example, running the air conditioning unit on auto mode during the warm and dry summer season will automatically make your machine switch to cooling to maintain a cool and comfortable room temperature. It’s a convenient feature that should improve your overall AC experience!

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The Benefits of Using Auto Mode

Still on the fence about switching your auto mode to on? Here are just some of the many benefits that you can expect from it:

  1. It’s energy-efficient - If there’s one major benefit that comes with using the auto mode, it’s the amount of power and energy that you get to save. This is a far cry from other standard air conditioner modes and settings. For comparison, setting your aircon unit to ON can cause the fan to run 200 hours longer per month. Talk about energy efficiency!
  2. It offers better humidity control - In auto mode, the moisture droplets that the machine produces inside the system are taken straight into the drain pain. This allows the unit to drain these droplets properly and avoid running the risk of giving your room added moisture.
  3. It gives you better comfort - Setting your aircon to auto mode can not only do wonders for your electricity bill but for your overall air conditioner experience as well.
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When the weather gets rainy, too cold or extra humid, we recommend turning your aircon's dry function mode to significantly reduce humidity levels, making your room fresh and comfortable to stay in.

Making the Most Out of Your AC Experience

Now that you know what exactly the auto mode does, it’s time for you to try it for yourself! But if you still want to keep learning about the other aircon modes, then make sure to check more of them in this article!

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