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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

What is the Dry Mode in Your Aircon and When to Use It?

Aircon Modes

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The air conditioner has become a vital appliance in any Singaporean household due to the country’s hot and humid weather. But while many of these homeowners have an AC unit, very few of them know about the variety of features and aircon modes that come with an air conditioner. For instance, the aircon dry mode — what is it and what does it exactly do?

In this article, we’ll take you through the different functions and benefits of this commonly used aircon feature — and how it exactly differs from its counterpart, the cool mode.

How Does the Aircon Dry Mode Work?

The air conditioner dry mode works like a large-scale dehumidifier. When turned on, what normally happens is the fan and the other inner components of the air conditioning unit will be running as usual, but it won’t blow out any cold air. But this doesn’t mean that it will blow dry and warm steam — as is the common confusion among many AC owners.

Rather, the air in the room will just pass through the aircon and the water vapor will condense in the evaporator, removing moisture and humidity from the air. The now-dry air will then exit the unit and flow back into the room.

When Should You Use It?

The dry mode’s main function is to lower and reduce the humidity levels of a room. That’s why it’s recommended that you only use this during the rainy season or when the climate starts getting a little bit cool and extra humid at the same time.

While the dry mode feature is not designed to remove all of the moisture in a room, it’s still effective enough to make it more fresh and comfortable for everyone staying in it.

The Difference Between Dry Mode and Cool Mode

Dry mode is often compared to or confused with the cool mode. While they don’t feel any different from one another, they are still unique in terms of function. Just go and take a look at your remote control: the dry mode will always have a water drop symbol; the cool mode, on the other hand, is always represented by a snowflake.

Dry mode in the AC takes care of the humidity levels in the room. Cool mode, on the other hand, is usually the default mode of air conditioners, cooling the room by removing heat—not moisture—from the air.

In short: Using dry mode doesn’t cool the room, and the “cooling effect” comes from the removal of excess moisture from the air. Cool mode is the regular mode of most air conditioners and does not decrease the humidity in the air, but rather the temperature of the room.

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The Benefits of Using Aircon Dry Mode

  1. It lowers the moisture in a room significantly - The dry mode allows you to lower the moisture and humidity levels in your room, making it more conducive for human comfort. The dry mode is also a great way to eliminate any feeling of discomfort and promote a better good night’s sleep during the rainy and humid season.
  2. It gives and maintains comfortable temperatures without extreme cooling - Once turned on, the dry mode will work its magic by giving you a comfortable room temperature that should last the entire day or night. This is especially helpful if you’re the type who doesn’t want extreme cooling — just something that feels subtly cool and right.
  3. It saves power and electricity consumption - When you use the dry mode, your unit starts consuming less power and energy, giving you reduced electricity consumption at home. This is yet another cost-effective way to conserve electricity and save a few hundred bucks off your monthly electricity bill.

Maximize Your Aircon's Performance

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