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What is the Lifespan of Aircon Pipe and Installation Guide

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Aircon piping is an essential element of any well-functioning air conditioning system. A good piping system saves you from a ton of aircon-related problems such as leaking and dripping water and even poor machine performance.

But just like any major component of an aircon unit, an aircon pipe needs to be properly installed and maintained to ensure maximum efficiency. If you’re not careful enough, you are looking at a lot of factors that can affect the lifespan of the piping and the overall performance of the unit.

In this article, we break down the different ways that you can do to prolong the lifespan of your aircon piping and other key considerations when installing one.

What is the Lifespan of an Aircon Pipe?

When installed and maintained properly, an aircon pipe can last for several years without any hitch. While there are a lot of internal and external factors that can affect the pipe’s lifespan, this is still a good proven estimate to have if it’s well taken care of.

Improperly installed and neglected aircon piping, on the other hand, can have a significantly shorter lifespan — lasting for a year or two before it kicks the bucket and requires you to get a new one.

In short, it’s very important to keep your aircon piping in good working condition at all times to preserve its quality and efficiency.

But how exactly do you even do that?

Read below to find more about the 3 expert-recommended tips of prolonging your air conditioning system pipe’s lifespan.

3 Best Ways to Install and Maintain an Aircon Pipe

1.  Never DIY the aircon installation

The most common reason for a short-lived piping system is a shabby and haphazard installation of aircon pipe. Improperly done or rushed installation procedures may seem like a fast and cheap alternative but they can actually cost you more money and time in the long run. You’re looking at early rusting, gas leaks, water leaks, condensation, clogging and a handful of other piping issues.

Sure, you might have successfully installed your window air conditioner at one point but aircon piping is a completely different process — don’t do it! This procedure should only be done by air conditioner experts with the professional experience and the right installation tools and safety equipment.

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Relying on a professional will be more beneficial for your unit and wallet as it can save you from unnecessary repairs and service costs down the line. Need installation services? Contact us down below!

2. Only use quality materials during the aircon installation

If you want something to last long, you should always aim for getting it in high-quality and top-notch material. This is true for almost everything: clothes, kitchenware, and yes — even aircon piping. The quality of the aircon pipes — coupled with professional aircon installation — will make a huge impact on how long the piping system will last.

Aircon pipes are subjected to high pressure on a near-daily basis, and over time, can significantly degrade due to the intense pressure. Thus, investing on a high-quality aircon piping system is the better option as it's able to withstand and resist this pressure. Good installation materials used by most service companies include copper pipes, water pipes, and casing. Meanwhile, poor quality pipes are always certain to give in and cause leakages and other problems at a faster rate.

It’s also important to note that quality insulation also affects the lifespan of the aircon piping. Poor insulation will only increase the rate of condensation in the piping, and will lead to leakages and clogging. Once these issues reach their toll, your aircon piping will be damaged and your unit will start to experience a slowdown in performance and efficiency.

So if you want to increase the longevity of your aircon piping, pay attention to the aircon installation process of your unit. You have to make sure that:

  • The piping material is made of durable and high quality,
  • The type of insulation is of good quality, and
  • All components are properly installed.

3. Make sure to maintain your air conditioner regularly

By simply always conducting regular (or occasional) maintenance checks, you’ll be able to detect any aircon pipe or aircon trunking problem in its early stage. And just like with real sicknesses, if you can diagnose an illness or infection in its early stage, then  it would be much easier to treat. Simply put, conducting a regular maintenance check will help you nip a problem in the bud and make sure it doesn’t escalate to completely ruin your air conditioner. 

Keeping Your Aircon Pipes in Great Shape

Whether it’s ensuring the quality of your aircon pipe installation or maintaining them every quarter, having a professional aircon servicing company do it for you can be a great investment and money-saver. You can expect your unit to continue performing well and save it from any major breakdowns down the line.

If you’re in need of quality air conditioning system service at affordable rates in Singapore, make sure to get in touch with us here at Luce Aircon! Our team of  highly skilled air conditioning technicians are one of the most reliable and trusted in Singapore Book an appointment with us today.

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