Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)
Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

What is the Quick Cool or Power Chill Mode in your Air Conditioner and What Does it Do?

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In the tropical country of Singapore, air conditioners give people the cool and comfort that they need to sleep soundly or carry out their tasks effortlessly. But more than the simple on and off switch of an aircon unit, there are a lot of other modes and features that you can try to maximize your aircon experience. These aircon modes have their own specific functions that can complement the usual preferences of an occupant and his space.

Among these aircon modes, the quick cool mode is a popular feature that is heavily used by a good number of aircon owners. Also known as the power chill mode, it is responsible for quickly cooling a room in a shorter period of time compared to the normal aircon mode.

In this article, we will discuss how the quick cool or power chill mode in your aircon works and the benefits that you can expect by using it.

How Does the Quick Cool or Power Chill Mode Work?

The quick cool or power chill mode works by starting the air conditioner at the temperature level of 16-18°C. Since it consumes more electricity by powering up the aircon unit at this temperature level, the machine also works overtime in order to quickly cool a room in no time. In short, this feature is not for the power and energy-saving mode users out there.

The Benefits of Using Quick Cool or Power Chill Mode

The quick cool or power chill mode works best when used during the hottest of days. Since the feature ensures that the room temperature drops at a much faster rate, immediate comfort is then provided to occupants. Here are just some of the essential benefits that one can experience when using this mode:

  1. It helps cool the room faster and provides instant comfort - Since this is the main function of the quick cool or power chill mode, it comes no surprise that this is the number-one benefit that aircon owners can expect from it.
  1. It provides additional cool and full speed air - In order to give the room the cool air that it needs for its temperature to drop, the quick cool or power chill mode also enables the aircon to pump out full speed air that can help in expediting the whole process. Additionally, this can give aircon users additional comfort while waiting for the mode to complete its function.
  1. It can quickly cool a room with warm temperature - By maximizing the cooling effect that the aircon provides, the quick cool or power chill mode allows the unit to offset all the warm temperature inside a room in exchange for a cooler one — all while doing it faster than other aircon modes.
  1. It increases productivity and promotes better sleep - Imagine having to work on your tasks at the office under extreme heat or trying to sleep with sweat trickling down your body every minute. Unbearable, right? By using the quick cool or power chill mode, you can speeden up the process of having to withstand extreme heat. Additionally, you can leave the mode on every night to help you get more chances of sleeping soundly with no interruption.

Maximizing Your Aircon’s Performance

You don’t need to be an aircon expert to know when to use the quick cool or power chill mode in your aircon unit. By knowing what works best for you and when to use it, you are already maximizing your aircon unit’s different modes and functions.

However, in order to fully ensure that your aircon continues to be in tip-top shape, you need to know the right time to schedule aircon maintenance! Scheduling your unit for regular check-ups by a professional aircon technician can do wonders for its performance and lifespan.

Apart from regular maintenance and check-ups, you also need to be in the lookout for potential damages that need immediate attention and repair. Is your aircon’s quick cool or power chill mode not working? Then it might be the best time to reach out to a professional aircon servicing company. 

For quality maintenance and repairs for every major aircon brand, contact us at Luce Aircon. Our team of highly skilled AC technicians are here to assist you for all your air conditioner needs. With our honest pricing, we ensure that your home, office, or business will receive the best service, for the best price.

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