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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

What is the Sleep Mode in Your Aircon and When to Use It?

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All air conditioners are designed to provide users with the best experience possible by being equipped with an array of useful modes or functions. But more than your usual dry or cool mode settings, there are also a number of features that do more than just cool or heat your room temperature.

Enter the sleep mode, an energy-saving feature that can help you conserve power and electricity — all while improving your sleep at night!

In this article, we’ll discuss the overall functions of the sleep mode, how it works, and the many benefits that you can expect and experience while using it.

How Does the Sleep Mode Work?

Since our bodies are able to handle less cooling when we’re fast asleep, the sleep mode was designed and built in particular to complement our overall sleeping experience.

So how does it exactly work?

By turning the feature on with the remote control, the aircon unit automatically regulates the air that you breathe when you’re sleeping — increasing it to 0.5 to 1 degree in temperature per hour. This can further go up to a maximum level of +3 degrees in temperature, which is still enough to keep you cool and comfortable all throughout the night.

Most air conditioning units these days also come equipped with intuitive intelligent movement sensors — a feature that only improves the overall effectiveness of the sleep mode. These sensors are capable of detecting your body temperature and movement, allowing them to send signals to the aircon unit to either increase or decrease the cooling temperature to make you more comfortable.

When Should You Use It?

As the name suggests, sleep mode is almost exclusively used for bedtime or prolonged periods of slumber and rest. But that doesn’t mean you can only use it at nighttime! If you’re an avid napper, you can also turn it on to stay cool and comfortable — whether in the afternoon or any time you prefer.

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The Benefits of Using Aircon Sleep Mode

Activating your air conditioning unit’s sleep mode can give you a handful of excellent benefits — from improved sleeping patterns to regulated sleeping temperature to saving more money on electricity bills. Here are the complete reasons why you should consider using this as your nightly companion:

  1. It improves your sleeping experience - Because of the feature’s temperature regulation function, you’re always guaranteed to receive the right amount of cooling needed for a good night’s sleep similar to an aircon's auto mode function. Additionally, it can also help you sleep through the entire night without interruptions due to discomfort.
  1. It allows you to wake up to a cool and regulated temperature - Since sleep mode enables your air conditioner to change the temperature every hour, you can wake up to a very comfortable temperature that’s not too cold or not too hot.
  1. It helps you save energy and power consumption - By turning sleep mode on, the air conditioner unit dials down on its standard cooling performance, letting it relax with you throughout the night. This results in reduced power and energy consumption for your monthly electricity bill.
  1. It is beneficial for sensitive sleepers - If you are sensitive to the slightest room temperature changes, then getting an aircon equipped with this mode and an intelligent movement sensor can be a big game changer. By helping detect your every move, the aircon unit can improve and maintain the temperature to avoid additional sleeping disruptions.

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