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Please note that starting from March 1 2023 we are required to charge GST (Registration No: 201727751R)

When Does Your Aircon Need Servicing?


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Considering the necessity of air conditioners in the heat of Singaporean weather, chances are you’ve  invested a considerable amount of money in an air conditioning unit. If so, you’ll want to ensure that the unit you’ve bought stays up and running for as long as possible. Part of doing this means having your air conditioner regularly serviced. Just like any other piece of machinery, air conditioners are prone to wear and tear from consistent use, and only AC servicing can keep the device running optimally for longer. But how often do you need to have your air conditioner serviced?

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Aircon?

A complete aircon servicing will include disassembling and reassembling every major and minor part of the unit. For this kind of thorough servicing, you’ll want to have it done at least once a year. Twice a year is fine as well, but it will depend on the state of your unit.  

A major factor to consider when figuring out how often you should perform aircon servicing is the number of hours per day your aircon is running. Ask yourself, on average, how many hours a day is the air conditioner running? Do you use it everyday for more than 8 hours a day?

If the answer to the second question is yes, then you’ll have to have the unit cleaned at least every quarter, otherwise it’ll be at risk for overheating and a bevy of other issues from dirt and grime build-up. 

You’ll also want to consider where the unit is placed. If the outdoor unit is facing a road or somewhere similarly dirty rather than a private yard or garden, you’ll want to service the unit more frequently as dust and grime will accumulate in the inner components much quicker. 

Common Signs Your Aircon Needs Maintenance

Do a quick daily check to ensure that your unit is running efficiently. Don’t fret–it takes less than a minute! Whenever the air conditioner is running, make sure to watch out for these common signs that you’ll soon need aircon services:

Weird Noises

Are any strange noises coming from your air conditioner? Aside from its regular quiet hum, is it making any other noises? Or is it noisier and louder than usual? If there’s an unusual noise coming from your unit, then this is a sure sign that it needs a good cleaning.

Weird Smells

This is probably the most alarming of all the signs, as your air conditioner should not be emitting any odours at all. Once you smell something off coming from your AC system, you should call an AC technician immediately and find out what the problem is. 

Not Cooling Properly

Do you need to set the thermostat to a very low setting just to get the room cool? If this is so, then there’s something wrong with your air conditioner. Even at a higher temperature setting, the air conditioner should be able to cool down your home or office. Problems with the thermostat should be addressed quickly before it turns into a bigger problem.

It’s best to observe these things daily to catch any problems early. Getting immediate aircon servicing in Singapore when one of these issues pop up won’t just save you money, but it’ll also save you the inconvenience of having your air conditioner break down at some point in the future. 

Why Service Your Aircon?

Early detection is the best way to prevent complex issues from arising in your unit, so make sure to be observant of the symptoms we’ve written above. 

While a lot of people might find aircon maintenance tedious work, it can actually be quite simple and stress-free with the right aircon services provider to help you. If you’re in the market for professional aircon services, call us at Luce Aircon! We’d be happy to address any of your air conditioner needs.

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