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Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Blowing Fuses?

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AC Blowing Fuses: Common Reasons and Solutions

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Choosing an AC Repair Center

Air conditioners are terrific modern inventions that keep us comfortable during the heat of summer. When an air conditioner unit starts malfunctioning, it is a cause for frustration to the average homeowner.

An AC blowing a fuse is one of the most common problems in air conditioner units. An air conditioner would keep blowing fuses and would be tripping the breaker as it draws more electricity from the source to make up for its malfunctioning parts. 

AC Blowing Fuses: Common Reasons and Solutions

A blown fuse is your air conditioner’s way of telling you there is an underlying problem at hand. An AC fuse will blow when your AC unit gets too hot, which may be due to issues with the internal components of your air conditioner.

Some issues have easy solutions that can be fixed at home, while more serious mechanical problems need to be dealt with by a trained technician. Never attempt to fix a mechanical or electrical problem by yourself without proper knowledge.

smiling man removing aircon filter
Filters need to be cleaned regularly.

Dirty filter

First thing to check is your air filter. A dirty air filter restricts airflow, and causes the air conditioner components to exert more power to function. 

When you have a dirty air filter, your AC unit needs to exert greater effort to circulate the air, and keep your room cool. 

Loose electrical connections

Sometimes, the problem is not with the internal mechanisms of the cooling system, but with its electrical components instead. Unplug your AC unit and check the exterior wires for any loose connections or frizzed wiring.

Alternatively, sudden change in temperatures can affect the wires in your breaker box. As temperatures rise and fall abruptly, wires can expand and collapse, causing their connections to become loose.

As with any electrical problem, it is best to leave it to the professionals to fix. Turn off and unplug your air conditioning unit, and do not make attempts to fix the issues yourself, especially without training and knowledge.

Low refrigerant levels

If your air conditioner keeps blowing fuse in the circuit board, and is also having a difficult time cooling the room, then it might be time to top up your refrigerant. Low refrigerant levels makes your cooling system work harder, causing the unit to overheat.

When your AC unit is low on refrigerant, the compressor coils need to work with extra pressure to cool the air and maintain the temperature in the room. Low refrigerant may be indicative of a leak via small holes or cracks in the unit. Talk to your maintenance provider to fix the leak and top up your refrigerant levels to keep your AC unit in good working condition.

Technician fixing air conditioner
Call a licensed technician for any internal problems.

Malfunctioning capacitor

The capacitor in your AC unit is what regulates the electrical flow to your cooling system. When the capacitor is malfunctioning, it may be allowing too much or too little power to go through your unit. When this happens, your air conditioner would be under too much pressure and may overheat; thus, your AC fuse keeps blowing.

For the average homeowner, a malfunctioning capacitor is notoriously difficult to diagnose. Work with your local air conditioning service company to help you solve this problem for good. 

Faulty Condenser Fans

Whether it’s the fan motors breaking down, or loose connection with the electrical components of the fan, faulty condenser fans can cause your unit to overheat and blow a fuse. The condenser fan is what circulates the cold air inside, and pushes the warm air outside. One way to know if the condenser fans are malfunctioning is a whirring or clunking sound in the unit.

When the fan motor is faulty, the AC unit needs to exert more effort to get it to work, causing the unit to use up more energy which is what trips the breakers. A faulty fan can also cause the air conditioner to turn on and shut off periodically, and won’t cool the room as well as it should.

If you suspect the faulty condenser fans to be the problem, you will need to have these parts replaced in an authorized service center to make your cooling system work properly again. A professional technician will be able to remove the damaged parts, and affix compatible replacement parts.

What to do Next?

modern room with air conditioner
Homes can feel more cozy with a proper cooling system.

Once you’ve assessed that simply cleaning your air filter isn’t solving the problem, your next best step is to look into aircon service repair centers for maintenance help and diagnosis of the issue. A professional technician should be able to troubleshoot the problem safely and permanently, extending the lifespan of your unit. 

To prevent blown fuses, keep a routine home checkup of your air conditioning unit. Proper maintenance starts at home, and is relatively easy to do.

Man fixing fuse box
Some electrical issues should be handled by professionals.

Clean your Filters

Since air filters trap dust particles from the air, filters can get dirty quite often. A simple fix is to clean your air filters at least every two weeks to maintain good air quality, and keep your AC unit in good condition and prevent blown fuses.

Clean your Outdoor Unit

Every air conditioner has an indoor unit, which is what we normally interact with, and an outdoor one, which works to push out the warm air from the room. Cleaning the outdoor unit is just as important as maintaining the indoor unit, so keep a schedule to check up and upkeep the outdoor unit as well. 

Man evaluating outdoor AC unit
Outdoor units should also be serviced regularly to maintain its good condition.

Ensure nothing is blocking the vents, and dust and debris are wiped away from the unit’s exterior to prevent these from restricting airflow going into your indoor unit. Have your outdoor unit installed in a well ventilated location for better airflow.

Breaker Trip

A single instance of a tripped breaker is not a cause for alarm. Simply restart the breaker and allow your unit to run again. Observe your unit to see if the issue was a one-time thing, or if additional action is required. 

If your AC keeps blowing fuses, then that poses a more serious problem. Air conditioner units blowing fuses repeatedly would warrant an appointment with a trusted aircon service center. 

Choosing an AC Repair Center

With a specialized device such as an air conditioner, don’t just go for any repair company to have it fixed. Look for trusted service centers whose specialists are experienced in maintaining, diagnosing, and repairing air conditioner units and its parts. 

Luce Aircon Services is a trusted brand with decades of experience, so you can be sure our technicians can fix the problem for you. As your one-stop-shop for all your AC repair needs, we will be there throughout the lifespan of your AC unit - from purchasing and general services, to AC repair and replacement. 

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