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Why is Your Aircon Noisy and How to Fix It?

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Apart from other common aircon issues, having a noisy air conditioner is one of the biggest pains that you can experience as an aircon owner. Whether it’s a loud grating noise or a sharp clicking sound, the problem always results in uncomfortable sleeping patterns for you and your family. In this article, we will discuss the different signs and reasons behind a noisy aircon unit and what you can do to make a couple of quick fixes.

What Are the Common Sounds of a Noisy AC?

A noisy aircon is often the result of a singular internal issue or multiple faulty parts clashing together inside the unit. Since there are a lot of noises affecting an air conditioner, we’ve rounded up the most common sounds and what trouble they can usually spell for the unit.

  • Banging -  Does your air conditioner noise always consist of a loud and banging sound that’s impossible to miss? No, it’s not a poltergeist coming to haunt you but a loose or broken part. This can be as simple as a connecting rod gone astray, a detached piston pin or something serious as a dying crankshaft in the air conditioner’s compressor unit.
  • Clanking - If an annoying clanking sound happens to be your air conditioner’s favorite noise, try checking for signs of a loose or detached part inside the unit. What does this usually mean? Either multiple parts of your AC have started shifting out of balance or the compressor itself has begun showing signs of replacement. Another culprit can also be in the form of a loose blade fan.
  • Clicking - Does your aircon have a light clicking sound that persists all day? This could be due to a defective control inside the unit or a thermostat on its last legs. Since there are also a lot of electrical parts inside the unit, the sound can also stem from a faulty or busted wiring. Once you start experiencing this, call an aircon technician for a scheduled repair and maintenance.
  • Buzzing - If a buzzing noise seems to be your aircon’s favorite sound, you are potentially dealing with a long list of problems. Some of these include loose parts, refrigerant leaks, debris inside or outside the unit, dislodged fan blades, blower and copper lines, and a dirty condenser coil or air filter.
  • Squealing - A high-pitched squeal usually spells trouble for the fan and blower inside the unit. This problem can take shape in the form of a busted blower wheel or a malfunctioning fan. Apart from squealing, you can also experience squeaking and rattling noises. To diagnose the problem right away, seek a professional aircon technician right away.
  • Humming - An aircon producing a slight humming noise is quite natural, but this doesn’t always mean the unit is in perfect working condition. Sometimes this can be a tell-tale sign that there is something wrong inside the unit such as loose parts or a refrigerant-related issue. Another reason can be due to electrical problems or motor performance issues.
  • Rattling - Once your aircon starts producing a rattling or chattering sound, you need to have it checked right away. This is a big sign that the unit is experiencing performance issues and its parts are starting to loosen up. Another possible reason can be because of a dislodged fan that has started hitting other parts. To perform a quick check, simply unscrew the unit and check for any unusual activity inside.
  • Screaming - A high-pitched scream or whistle from an air conditioner unit is almost always because of one thing: a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak has the potential to damage your aircon unit and affect your health. To deal with this problem, turn off the machine right away and ask a professional aircon servicing expert to come by and fix the issue.

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3 Ways to Fix Air Conditioner Noise

Not quite sure how to fix a noisy aircon? Here are 3 quick and easy ways you can do to solve the problem:

  • Check the fan for any damage or stuck debris - Loosen the screws and bolts in the unit to perform a quick inspection. Check for any stuck debris in the unit such as branches, twigs, stones or pebbles. Remove them using your hand and wipe the surface afterwards.
  • Check the blades for any signs of loose placement - To check for any signs of loose blade placement, turn off the unit and remove the casing. Simply inspect if any of the fan blades are positioned in an unusually awkward manner. If you find that they are, let a professional aircon expert or technician fix it for you.
  • Contact an aircon servicing expert - If you’re unsure of how to fix the problem yourself, you can always ask for assistance from professional aircon technicians or servicing companies.

Say Goodbye to Noisy Aircon Units

If any of these air conditioner noises have been causing you trouble and distress, place a call or drop us a message here at Luce Aircon. Our friendly and highly skilled team of air conditioning experts will do the job of repairing and maintaining your loud air conditioner unit, letting you sleep and work again on your tasks in complete peace.

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