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Why is Your Aircon Status Light Blinking and How to Fix It

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Ever experienced a cool and cozy night in your room only to be interrupted by the problem of an air conditioner light blinking rapidly? You’re not alone.

When your air conditioner runs into an issue, it’s programmed to give you a signal that something is not operating normally. This is done through the air conditioner status light — a very useful feature that lets you act on a potential issue right away.

Whether it’s an aircon light blinking or a status light that keeps flickering aggressively, there are a couple of reasons that can be causing the problem. In this article, we look at 8 possible reasons behind a blinking air conditioner status light and the many ways you can troubleshoot the issue.

8 Possible Reasons Behind a Blinking Aircon Status Light

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1. Electrical Issues

Electrical issues such as irregular power drawing or loading are just some of the many reasons that can cause an aircon status light to blink continuously. This means the printed circuit board (PCB) or the electrical wiring are running into electrical issues that need repairing right away.

To fix the issue, an experienced technician should perform isolation testing and other troubleshooting techniques. He or she can also recommend a replacement if either of the parts are no longer functioning properly.

So is there a quick and easy way for a non-technician to troubleshoot an issue like this? The answer’s yes.

An electrical surge can sometimes be the reason why the air conditioner’s light is acting up. To troubleshoot it, simply try resetting the AC unit’s power switch and see if it makes any difference. If the problem still persists, leave it to the hands of a professional aircon expert or a servicing company.

2. Filter problems

A clogged or an incorrectly installed filter can also cause a blinking aircon light. A filter full of dirt can cause an aircon to have extreme difficulty in producing clean air, resulting in reduced cooling or even water leaks. The aircon’s status light prevents this from happening by notifying you right away.

Similarly, an incorrectly installed filter can cause the unit’s parts to start running into each other, resulting in a big internal mess that can damage the entire air conditioning system.

The solution? Clean the aircon filter regularly to prevent dirt from setting in. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to replace a filter every quarter to ensure your air conditioning unit gets the best help for its performance.

3. Time for maintenance

Apart from problems within the unit, a blinking light can also simply mean your unit is due for maintenance.

Whether it’s in need of an aircon filter replacement, chemical cleaning or just the complete process of deep cleaning, this is a job that you can assign to an air conditioning professional.

4. Low refrigerant levels

A low refrigerant level can be another reason that causes the status light to blink. When your aircon’s refrigerant begins dipping below the required level, the unit can alert you through the status light to signal it’s time for a refill.

If this is the case, you need to act on it right away by calling an aircon technician or a servicing company to perform maintenance.

5. Failing compressor

A failing compressor is a serious issue that can lead to many problems for your aircon unit. There’s the possibility of reduced cooling, water leaking, a noisy unit and many other issues that can cause you a lot of repair costs.

This problem is usually common during the summer, where the aircon is expected to perform double time just to provide you with the right amount of cooling and comfort from the heat. Make sure to have your compressor unit checked regularly to ensure that it remains in tip-top shape. Any professional AC technician or expert can help you with this problem.

6. Poor air circulation

When your air conditioner has trouble circulating air in a room, the status light can start blinking to let you know something’s wrong.

There are many reasons that are causing this to happen. It could be because of the way your aircon is positioned or a motor problem.

To check whether this is what’s troubling your status light, check for the error codes presented in the aircon unit or remote control. These error codes are usually shown through numerical figures or symbols. To check for their meaning, simply refer to the manual or contact the support hotline of your aircon manufacturer.

7. Condenser problems

Condenser problems can result in a lot of issues or your aircon unit. However, leaking or dripping water remains the biggest symptom of a faulty or clogged condenser. So if your status light is going off and you’re experiencing symptoms related to a broken or clogged condenser, you need to contact an aircon servicing specialist right away.

8.Wrong installation

If it’s not due to an internal issue in your air conditioning unit, try checking for signs related to a wrong aircon installation.

The slightest mistake in an installation can result in skewed or awkwardly positioned angles for the aircon unit, causing it to run into a host of performance-related problems.

The best solution to fix the issue is to reinstall the aircon unit and ensure that it’s positioned in its frame or the wall properly. Additionally, you may need to pay extra attention to any new aircon units you’re having installed to prevent this from happening again.

Fix Your Aircon Problems with Us

A blinking light in your aircon may seem annoying at first but it can also help you save your unit from a handful of problems down the line.

If you don’t know where to start with your repair or maintenance needs, we’re here to help! Contact us for a free consultation or schedule an appointment with us today.

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