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Daikin Aircon Servicing, Chemical Cleaning and Repair

Team of technicians that specialise in Daikin models
All types serviced: wall, ceiling, window and portable
Service all across Singapore for residences and offices
Same-day and next-day bookings available
30 days of workmanship warranty

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Our Services for Daikin Units

General Servicing

Removal and cleaning of the air filter
Thorough brushing and flushing of the fan blower and blades
Cleaning algae and disinfecting the water tray
Vacuuming of the drainage pipe
Inspection of aircon fan, cover, and gas gauge
# Aircon Units
Ad Hoc
1 Fan coil
2 Fan coils
3 Fan coils
4 Fan coils
5 Fan coils
6 Fan coils
7-10 Fan coils
$19/ Fan coil
$17/ Fan coil
$17/ Fan coil
11+ Fan coils
$18/ Fan coil
$15/Fan coil
$15/ Fan coil
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Chemical Wash

Partial dismantling of the indoor aircon unit
Flushing of air filters, pipes, and drainage systems
Chemically washing and disinfecting of multiple components and the evaporator
Application of rust-prevention solution to metallic components
Inspection of parts for any damages
# Aircon Units
Ad Hoc Service
1 Fan coil
from $80
2 Fan coils
from $160
3 Fan coils
from $230
4 Fan coils
from $290

Chemical Overhaul

Full dismantling of the indoor aircon unit
Thorough inspection of all components and discharge temperature
Unclogging of air filters, pipes and drainage systems
Chemically washing and disinfecting all parts of the unit
Application of anti-rust treatment to metallic components
# Aircon Units
Ad Hoc Service
1 Fan coil
from $150
2 Fan coils
from $280
3 Fan coils
from $390
4 Fan coils
from $480

Aircon Repair

Full unit inspection to diagnose the cause of problems such as leaking, poor cooling, weird noises etc.
Replacement of faulty components or recommendation of unit replacement
Follow up service and maintenance
Post-service consultation for preventive measures

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Servicing Process for Daikin

Our technicians specialise in Daikin units and we can provide you with servicing cycles to ensure your aircon stays in top shape!

1. Removing dust and mould

The evaporator coil and filters of your Daikin air conditioner can accumulate dust and mould over time. We will thoroughly clean these components, reducing the circulation of harmful particles around the room and increasing the electrical efficiency of the aircon.

2. Disinfecting the water tray and drainage system

The drainage system catches water that condenses from the air around the evaporator coil. Dust and bacteria can grow in the water of this system, forming a sludge that blocks the drainage pipe and causes leaking. We will disinfect the water tray and use a high-powered vacuum to clear the drainage pipe.

3. Inspecting the general condition of your Daikin unit

After we have serviced your unit, we will test and inspect the internal components for undetected faults, and check that all the electrical connections are tight. We will also measure the discharge temperature of your indoor Daikin units and make sure the compressor has enough refrigerant gas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if I don't regularly service my Daikin unit?

A lack of regular maintenance will lead to a build-up of dust on the filters and cooling coil, reducing the cooling efficiency of your Daikin aircon. This may mean you need to turn your aircon to a lower temperature to get the same cooling that you used to. Neglecting maintenance can lead to increased contaminants in the water tray and drain pipe, which can cause water leakage issues.

Do Daikin air filters need to be changed?

Daikin air filters have an anti-fungal property that prevents mould growth. The filters generally last a long time, and they can be washed by you or by an aircon servicing specialist to remove built-up dust. If the filters become damaged due to dust accumulation if maintenance is not carried out routinely, they are generally inexpensive to replace.

What does it mean if the filter sign lights up on the Daikin aircon?

This is an indicator that the filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned. After you have cleaned it, just press the filter button on the remote to reset the light.

What is a Daikin Inverter system?

An inverter is a type of aircon system produced by Daikin. They have very smart sensor controls to precisely control the temperature of the room. These systems can detect when people leave and enter the room, and adjust the cooling accordingly.

What should I do if my fan coil is covered with ice?

Ice buildup can generally be removed and prevented from reoccuring with a chemical wash or chemical overhaul. It is recommended that this is performed by a licensed aircon technician.

Are Daikin spare parts easily available in Singapore?

Yes. Daikin is one of the largest aircon brands in Singapore, and spare parts are readily available for most newer models.

Is steam cleaning recommended for Daikin units?

Steam cleaning is only recommended for hospitals and commercial kitchens, as they may have special requirements with chemical use for cleaning. For residences and offices, chemical solution disinfects fan coils more thoroughly and the sanitisation is longer-lasting.

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