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Amana HVAC Error Codes

Error codes

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Amana air conditioners are relatively expensive compared to other brands of the same line, which is why any issues with your unit will need immediate troubleshooting and repairs whenever possible.

In this article, we'll provide a full list of error codes for your Amana air conditioner and furnace. Keep in mind that any issues with electrical or internal components of your AC unit should be dealt with by a licensed technician at Luce Aircon. Refer to your manual for troubleshooting guides, or check out our article on Amana AC troubleshooting.

How to Display Amana Air Conditioner Error Code

The Amana line of air conditioners will not automatically display the error code on its LED screen. You will need to set the air conditioner to its diagnostic mode before identifying the error code. Here's how:

  1. Press and hold the UP/+ and DOWN/- buttons on your wireless remote thermostat, remote control, or control pad.
  2. Press the COOL button twice while holding the UP/+ and DOWN/- buttons.

The air conditioner should go into diagnostic mode, and display any error codes related to any issues detected by the unit. If the display reads two dashes (--), then it means the air conditioner has not detected any issue with your unit.

Amana Air Conditioner Error Codes

Amana Air Conditioner Error Codes - System Mode

Error Code Meaning Solution
FP Freeze Protection. No action. The unit will resume normal operations once the thermistor reads an internal temperature above 43 ℉. 
EH Emergency Hydronic Mode. Re-open the emergency hydronic switch. Re-open the emergency hydronic switch.
Eo Service Board Not Configured. Change the setting to “H” (heating mode).
Fd Front Desk Switch. Re-open the switch.
HP Heat Sentinel Mode. No action. Unit should move out of this mode automatically.
LS Load Shedding Mode. Re-open the LS switch on the unit.
On Wired Thermostat Configuration. Change the setting of your wired thermostat to the proper settings.
oP/nP Open Door or Window Lockout Mode. Close the door or window.
Ur Un-Rented Mode Contact the front desk to switch the status to "rented."

Amana Air Conditioner Error Codes - System Failure Error Codes

Error Code Meaning Solution
Br Brown Out Protection Check and adjust proper voltage levels. Contact a professional for safety.
H1 High Voltage Protection. Power supply voltage is high. Shut off unit, and contact an electrician.
F3 Black Indoor Ambient Thermistor Failure Replace thermistor.
F4 Red Indoor Coil Thermistor Failure Replace thermistor.
F6 Yellow Indoor Discharge Thermistor Failure Replace thermistor.
Fb Low Remote Battery Change remote control batteries.
F1 Thermistor and Thermostat Failure Replace faulty components.
F2 Wireless Remote Thermostat Failure Replace wireless remote thermostat.
F5 Wireless Thermostat Failure Replace wireless thermostat.

Air Circulation Error Codes

Error Code Meaning Solution
C2 Indoor Air Recirculation Check the seal around your unit, remove any blockage from the vents, and clean the air filter.
C5 Outdoor Coil Heat Warning Remove any blockage from the outdoor coils.
L6 Discharge Air Heat Warning Clean the air filters.
LC Outdoor Coil Thermistor (Red) Heat Warning Clean the condenser coils.

Cooling Mode Error Codes

Error Code Meaning Solution
C1 Indoor Coil Freeze Warning Check for refrigerant leak causing low refrigerant levels.
C3 Indoor Coil Freeze Warning Check for refrigerant leak causing low refrigerant levels.
C4 Indoor Coil Freeze Warning Check for refrigerant leak causing low refrigerant levels.
C6 Poor Unit Performance Have the unit professionally cleaned and inspected for faulty components.
C7 Indoor Freezing Lockout Check for refrigerant leak causing low refrigerant levels.

Amana Furnace Error Codes

LED Error Code Meaning
One Flash; Continuous No signal from thermostat. Turn off power and check connections or replace wireless thermostat.
One Flash Furnace lockout after three attempts to fire. Compressor and electric heat my be switched off.
Two Flashes Draft Inducer not working or shorted or failed pressure switch.
Three Flashes Open pressure switch.
Four Flashes Open primary limit switch due to faulty wiring or bad filters.
Five Flashes Sensing flame without a call for heat due to possible slow closing valve.
Seven Flashes Faulty flame sensor.
Eight Flashes Faulty igniter.
Continuous Flashes Reverse polarity. Check wiring diagram or replace wireless thermostat.
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